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  1. I have now acquired a dog. Whenever I take him on walk in cold morning he back to home with sneezing and all. Should I buy a coat sweater for him ? Please guide.
  2. You should tell us what kind of bird that is. Is they crow or pigeon or others. Treatment will depends on the type of birds. So please give us more details about this.
  3. Thats really far away from our location mate and I do not think that our helping network is at there too. But however let me talk with my other fellows and all, so that we can do something for you.
  4. This little baby is really looking beautiful and healthy. Will you please tell us your exact location so that someone from our network near you can help. Either they will pick little Dobie or will tell you and guide you how to take care of her.
  5. No doubt you have done a great job and crossed one part of your test. Now real test is how you will tackle that puppy. If you have done that in past than I do not think that there will be any problem to you. But if this is your first time than let me know your location may be some one from our channel near you can help.
  6. A professional Dog sitter can tell you what kind of dog that is with their aggressive nature and all. I do feel that she was not at all competent. Have you ask her how long she was into this profession and any reference or recommendations she got from her past assignment.
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