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Help me, freaking out but for nothing maybe?


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O.K- my question is for people who have male neutered dogs. My dog got neutered 14 days ago. It seems half his sac is shriveled and the other side like before unscathed. I touched it thinking it would be filled with soft fluid, to see of he was really sensitive still or healing well. However it was a little bit bigger than his testicle last month and felt exactly like a testicle he had before (like a hard grape). Sorry, I have felt them. When I got him I thought he was female and observed balls growing over time as he hit 6 months last week. Well anyway.....

How long does swelling last? Shouldn't the hard sacs there be gone with just an empty pouch? If I have to go in all over again and immobilize him while he heals up I will be VERY angry. I'd like to believe it's scar tissue but it is shaped too much like a gonad would be! Rrrr! And despite his neuter he has been getting erections more lately but maybe the testosterone takes a long time to stop going up. I don't know, sorry for a gross post. I will see the vet anyway but your thought on this til' then are appreciated.

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O.K, that helps a little. It has been 14 days and he is very active. Even when I had to contain him for the first 10 days he was hyper inside. I would feel like a crazy woman busting in asking if they took the other testicle. But you know how we can be about our dogs, a little occupied with their health beyond the norm. It's just that I love him! :oops:

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