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Home-made e-collars?


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Nikki got spayed today (and got her hernia removed) and she's wild and crazy like always. I know, I konw, she isnt a dog, but c'mon now. Its similar. Right? :lol: Well, since she's a lil bebe kitten, she doesnt really know what "no!" means. Such as not licking her stitches. The vet said that if she kept at it then we should go get her an e-collar.. but ya know.. That'll be tomorrow. Anything we can do now to keep her from buggin it too much?

Kittens are freakin insane. :lol:

-- Edited to add ---

And by e-collar, I think they mean like an elizabethan cone head collar, right?

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One time on Emergency Vets (on Animal Planet), they had to make an e-collar for some small animal, maybe a ferret? They just cut a piece of x-ray paper and puched little holes around the small part and put some type of tie thingie through that. If you have some real stiff paper, or like a file folder, you could probably cut something to fit.

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for a kitty, a file folder would probably work. measure her neck, and thencut the folder in a big circle so that its long enough to protrude pas her mouth. about 4 inches past her mouth. cut a hole in the middle that is just slightly wider then her neck measurement. fold it out about 2 inches from the neck hole so it forms a cone. put duct tape on that fold, then cut small holes all the way around with a scissors. run a large zip strip through the holes. the tape is to prevent the cardboard from tearing.
slip it over your cats head, and tighten the zip strip to keep it on. not too tight, of course, but about how far you would tighten a standard collar. cutoff the excess zip strip. it will end up looking somewhat more like a fan than a real cone, but it will still work

when you want to remove it, just cut the zipstrip off and pull it out.

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