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Dispense a treat toys

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Do your dogs play with them? Or show no interest?

We bought smokie one last time we went home and he didn't realy show any interst. That toy was an expensive one too, 8 bucks! I bought him a toy slipper that was like 88 cents and ofcourse he loved that one! Well today I found out that he got two treats out of it-- after like a week of showing no interest.. I think my mom or dad probably helped him get them out and neglected to tell me that part lol.

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I had a treat ball for Maya that she absolutely loved! Jackie figured it was too much work to have to try to get the food out. She would pick the ball up and carry it around, but wouldn't try to get the food out. Pooh Bear started chewing up the ball.

I put goodies in their Kongs, and they love those.

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One of my friends has five Italian greyhounds. The only one who pays attention to treat balls is her oldest/largest male. And he goes nuts for them! He has two of them, and they keep rolling under the couch. He pesters her mercilessly until she gets it out for him. While I was visiting her last week, one of my dogs showed some interest. But mine prefer soft, stuffed toys, preferably with squeakers in them. :D

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I had the plastic ball for my dog... he figured it out real quick and drove me nuts. I was putting treats in it continuously. I finally had to put it away and just bring it out occasionally. I also had a small metal can with a step on pedal that would open the top and I filled it with treats, then taught him how to open it.

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