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In reading all the posts, there is an enormous amount of knowledge on this board. I wonder if I could ask one more question regarding training. (I'll try to make this my last question for a while)
We had signed up for basic obeidence school for both our dogs, the 5 year rottie and my now 6 month old golden retriever. long story short with the raise in gas prices to over $3.40 a gallon, it was not feasable to drive an hour for the class. so it will need to wait till the next class. SO could someone give me a quick run down on training the dogs to walk peacefully beside us on a walk. I am always afraid hurting the throat as hard as they both try to pull. Gracie is getting to be a handful for me and it will only get worse as she gains more weight. That's not even mentioning hubbies workout with Brutus. I blame Brutus for some of the behavior as he has no training either and his preference is to "lead". And gracie loves him and wants to be with him picking on him the whole time! I want our walks to be enjoyable for them and us, but have read that you shouldn't allow the dogs to sniff or explore. is this correct? Gracie loves to pickup sticks or leaves or rocks or.........well you get the picture. I feel I am depriving her of fun by not letting her.
Back to the basic question: What are the first steps to training the dogs to ?lead? is that the correct term?

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hi ttouslee, first of all ask as much as you can, it's a furum and this is his porpose, to answer.

there is no need to be so afraid for your dogs neck. there neck is 4 times stronger than the human one.
the best way is by Halti, it's a leash that sits on the head of you dog and everytime you dog polls you you correct him by polling the leash that attached to the Halti. the Halti closing the dogs moth and turning his head to your side and by that preventing him to continio polling you. he's very gently and by that can control easly any dog.
this is the link to there site, it'll explane everything to you about Halti


no matter what you still need to go to the lessons. this advice will help i hope but you dogs still untrained, you cant escape it :lol:
you can also train dogs with the halti if you have very dominate dog, bitting dog or a dog with low treshold ( i ope i write it right )[/url]

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oh believe me we WILL be going to the lessons. just not as quick as I had hoped. Although, gas prices are back down to under $3 now so maybe since I have only missed one class, I can go ahead and take them, and just catch up what was missed.
thank you for your help with the leash.
The reason for my paranoia with the pulling at the neck, I had a dog, that I just had to put down several months ago, along with her many health problems, had a collapsed trachia. I never asked the dr. but have always been afraid that perhaps I had caused it somehow.

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