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    Driving With Dogs

    I enjoyed the blog! ROFLMBO
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    got it! thanks again.
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    weeks up and puppy drops the ball at my command, in my hand! I am so thrilled. she even had picked up a toy outdoors she wasnt' to have, I put my hand out and told her to drop. she did. about floored me, and of course I didn't have a treat but sure praised her! What do you suggest as the next step for us to take now rotten_two
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    What the heck was that?????????????

    brutus definately "talks" it is the strangest sound ever, I guess I have never tried to explain it before without vocalizing it myself. He scares people who haven't met him, after all he is a good sized dog (rottie) all we have to do to put them at ease is tell them to look at his butt! I swear I don't know if it is possible for a dog to wag his butt harder than brutus does. Personally we love it when he talks to us. It gives him such a personality
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    oh believe me we WILL be going to the lessons. just not as quick as I had hoped. Although, gas prices are back down to under $3 now so maybe since I have only missed one class, I can go ahead and take them, and just catch up what was missed. thank you for your help with the leash. The reason for my paranoia with the pulling at the neck, I had a dog, that I just had to put down several months ago, along with her many health problems, had a collapsed trachia. I never asked the dr. but have always been afraid that perhaps I had caused it somehow.
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    I know it's only been a day, but I am soooo impressed with the results from using this technique! As soon as she figured out she got a yummy after giving me the ball, it was a blast working her. I can't wait to do it again and again, then be able to move on to the next step. anyhow, thanks for the advice, and we will continue working till next week.
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    In reading all the posts, there is an enormous amount of knowledge on this board. I wonder if I could ask one more question regarding training. (I'll try to make this my last question for a while) We had signed up for basic obeidence school for both our dogs, the 5 year rottie and my now 6 month old golden retriever. long story short with the raise in gas prices to over $3.40 a gallon, it was not feasable to drive an hour for the class. so it will need to wait till the next class. SO could someone give me a quick run down on training the dogs to walk peacefully beside us on a walk. I am always afraid hurting the throat as hard as they both try to pull. Gracie is getting to be a handful for me and it will only get worse as she gains more weight. That's not even mentioning hubbies workout with Brutus. I blame Brutus for some of the behavior as he has no training either and his preference is to "lead". And gracie loves him and wants to be with him picking on him the whole time! I want our walks to be enjoyable for them and us, but have read that you shouldn't allow the dogs to sniff or explore. is this correct? Gracie loves to pickup sticks or leaves or rocks or.........well you get the picture. I feel I am depriving her of fun by not letting her. Back to the basic question: What are the first steps to training the dogs to ?lead? is that the correct term?
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    I see this is an old post, but since I am new I thought I would share my experience. I had an older dog, about 5 years, with diabetise taking injections 2 times a day. she began having seizures about a year after being diagnosed. they were quite scarey to watch, she would wobble around and run into things. they would last several minutes. my vet did not prescribe any meds. he said if she started having more than 4 (I think) a month he would look into it. She was having them a couple times a week, but he never did put her on meds. She quit having them almost as fast as they started?? It was approx. 4 months that they lasted. Is your dog having them?
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    Just a quick Sch sketch...

    cool, very nice, very talented!
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    got it! will be back in a week. thanks
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    any tips in the training dept.?
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    I am curious about my golden retriever playing fetch. (Gracie is my first golden, and honestly other than researching for months on the breed, I have never been around them before.) She plays with our rottie all the time, and of course he has nothing to do with fetch. Gracie is starting to show an interest in fetch, although not like I had expected. she is now 5 months old, she will fetch the fresbie or ball (if she wants to) and brings it back somewhat close to me. She does not give back freely. I praise her like crazy when I convince her to drop it. I had tried treats when she dropped but then she quit playing and only wanted the treats. if she won't drop I normally quit the game. Is this typical of the age? I had one other older pup (a mutt) a long time ago, and she just natrually dropped when told. Is there specific training I can do for Gracie? and also is her lack of interest to do with the older rottie?
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    New Rottie Rescue!!

    thanks, I am really proud of her. she is a sweetheart
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    Dear Dog

    OMG how funny and how true!
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    New Rottie Rescue!!

    it's not an actual picture of Gracie, but my land when I came across the stock picture in the avatar gallery, it is a spittn image of her! I agree give me an older dog any day. even though the puppies are cute they are such a pain!