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So i have now a new problem with my little Leo...he has fleas i went and bought some flea and tick shampoo and some spray for the carpets. I freaked out cuz Star my GSD is highly allergic to flea bites she needs medicine if she is bit cuz she breaks out. my mom said tonight we are going to put night lights up and water and if any got on the carpet they will attract to the night light....now i have never heard of this so i am up for anything and if you guys have any advice please let me know i just dont want fleas

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You'll need a couple of drops (or so depending on how much water) of dishwashing liquid in the water for it to work. Hey, but it does work, though. You just take a little light of some sort, and put it over a bowl or pan of dishwashing liquid/water. The light draws the fleas and the soapy solution kills them. The soap breaks the surface tension of the water and the fleas don't stand a chance of getting back out of it. It's kind of an old wives' remedy, but it works.

I'd also suggest something like Frontline or Advantage to get rid of any other fleas, though, since drawing fleas to the light and killing them in soapy water does nothing for the fleas actually still on Leo. I'm honestly not a huge fan of flea and tick shampoos... any shampoo can kill fleas if applied straight and left on for a bit. I've even used dishwashing liquid followed by a conditioner. I don't even buy flea shampoo, anymore.

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I dont know of any other than garlic...I cook with garlic all the time, and my dogs often get leftovers from my meals (italian meatballs, veggies, I LOVE garlic) and they have NO flea problems...

it doesnt make them smell like garlic, if thats your concern...


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