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since we have had gaia we have treated her for allergies (she chews her poor feet raw). usually we have treated her seasonally but in the last year we had noticed it was pretty much all year round. so this spring has been particularly bad and the acupuncture and meds are not working as well. our vet suggested we allergy test her -- they can do this with a blood test now -- woo hooo. so a couple weeks ago we had her tested. our vet called last night with her results . . .

4 grasses including blue fescue and bermuda (which are abundant in our yard)

lots of different tree and weed pollens

dust mites

4 different very common types of mold

and the kicker -- the thing she is most allergic to -- HUMAN DANDER!

luckily she thinks allergy shots will be quit effective to combat these allergies.

boo hoo my dog is allergic to me! :(

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Omg! Poor Gaia!! I remember when we got Mocha's allergy test results back, she was allergic to like.. 11 things! It was crazy. Poor girl was itchin like crazy.. Luckly she didnt have a problem with getting shots or some "special treats" covered in peanut butter. :evilbat:

Hope she gets feelin better soon!

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