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Ok, Clea's flea/tick problem is spiralling out of control, the medicated shampoo seems to have lost its touch :roll: Anyways, since she's almost 4 months old, I've decided to put her on frontline, but before I do, just wanted to get some opinions about the product from people who use it, and if anyone could answer my questions that'd be great too!
1) What's the youngest age you've used frontline on a pup?
2) How well does it work?
3) Can I still use medicated shampoo, if I'm using frontline?
Thanks in advance :wink:

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I use Frontline on both of my dogs and have never had a problem with fleas :wink: we dont live in an area with a tick problem so cant comment on how well it works with them.

I've also just changed to the Frontline Combo, which not only protects your dog but your home too :wink:

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Ok guys, I got frontline plus! For small dogs, up to 10 kg, it says... Anyways! I'm really happy, finally I'll be RID of the fleas! Since I have a short school day tommorow, I'll bathe her and use it then!
Thanks for all the input :wink:
I'll keep the other names in mind, just in case frontline doesn't work out!

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