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Now it's a Hobbie!!!


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[quote]I am a small hobbie breeder of TEA-CUP and TOY sized YORKSHIRE TERRIERS. Puppies are raised in my home with small children. All my adult dogs are our family pets. Only Healthy, Happy adults ever produce my puppies. Puppies always come with a written health guarantee.[/quote]

I found this on a search. Hobbie. :x Oh my.


Here is the link. This lady is asking like $1,500 for a pup.

Someone please explain to me why the smaller the dog the more exspensive??? :x

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wait, what else would you call it??

responsible breeders also call it a hobbie, what else would it be?? its certainly not a business(business means money...breeding is NOT money) and it's not a way of life..so i'm not sure what else you would call it besides a hobby???

bad people call themselves rescues too but that doesnt mean rescues are bad just because bad people use that name...

the smaller dog the more expensive because unsuspecting idiots think they are getting something special so they shell out a couple grand :roll: same with like big oversized "pit bulls" people will shell out $5000 for a big blue unhealthy mutant mutt :(

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