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The truth about Cairn Terriers

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I haven't run into anyone on here that has a cairn terrier like I do but if there is anyone who has had one or known one I found this hiliarious and so true I love him so much and he is the smartest dog I have ever had and has given me the biggest headache I have ever had. I found it on the Col. Potter Cairn terrier Rescue Group.

[b]Aren't Cairns just like Toto?
TOTO: The Other Side of the Story
So, "The Wizard of Oz" is your favorite movie, you just LOVE Toto, and have always wanted a dog just like him? A dog who's small, cute, lovable, and doesn't shed all over your couch? You've done your research and learned that Cairn Terriers are (take your pick):

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Oh yeah they aren't for everyone that is for sure. When I got my cairn I had never heard of one but I did a lot of reasearch good and bad and thought what have I done. We always had someone at home. We enrolled in obediance school and went through every class they had. It's been almost 5 years and I think we have an understanding although sometimes he doubts that. He will sometimes look at me with those wise eyes that seem to be saying your not very bright are you? :lol: He's personal negative qualities are that he acts up by barking and growling at other dogs when we walk although he can go to a dog park and be fine. He barks not as much as they said in that piece but he does his fair share. :lol: He comes only when he feels like it. And he every now and then chooses to pee under my desk where my feet go. :evil:

There are a lot of good qualities though that make up for any negative. He is unusual in that he has never dug up anything or chewed up anything. He knows the difference between my nieces stuffed animals and his own. He sits at the table sometimes when we eat :oops: but never goes on the table or tries to get food. I have left food in front of him and simply say mine and he doesn't touch it. He is always ready to get going and have fun even if it's just following us back and forth and watching us put away the laundry. He loves to sit right next to you to cuddle all day if you'll let him. He loves my niece they are the best of friends. He loves people and makes human friends wherever we go. He is the smartest dog I have ever known.

Would I recommend him to the novice dog owner? No Way!! I just wish they could make a list like that for every breed rescue so that people can see the bad and good in the dogs they want to figure out what is best for their lifestyle.

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