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My Rat Terrier Guest

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Well tonight I had a little guest for about 20 minutes. He ran up to me and Buddy on our before-bedtime walk. It is 4F out there and he was shivering like crazy!

I suspected he belonged to a neightbor but I pounded on their door and no answer. I know they have a setup where there is a pen and their dog(s?) can go in-out from the garage but I thought it was still too cold and what if my hunch was wrong and this wasn't even their dog? A collar but no tags.

I took him into my office, gave him some water and snuggles, then looked up the address on reverse directory to get the phone number. Luckily that worked and I got a call five minutes later.

I turned the dog over to the grandmother, whose son owns the house, whose daughter is living at the house and supposedly "owns" the dog. From what I have seen this girl is a bit of a punk but how can I tell her grandma that? Grandma said "Oh she is afraid to get him fixed because his mother died when we got her spayed." When I mentioned it would be helpful to have a tag on him she said "Oh it must have gotten lost." I'm sure this lady thinks I'm a meddling so-and-so but I don't care!

I am going to be watching them VERY carefully and also try to get in touch with the dad and go over the whole scenario. He is a forest ranger and HOPEfully will care!

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Oh it drives you crazy doesn't it? Years and years ago when I was a kid we were getting new neighbors in and just before they moved in they brought there dog. Poor thing was so little and one of the homliest things I have ever seen. They left him tied up in the backyard with no food, water, or shelter, and it was going to rain that night. My grandpa was so mad he walked right into thier backyard untied the dog and brought it to our house. Then the next day when they came to move in he just gave it to them. The guy looked kind of scared and my grandma was an older man. :lol: He never did it again the dog always had food and shelter and my grandpa would check on him regularily to make sure. Idiots!!

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