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Bolero, the Afghan's story

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Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone! I'm already feeling right at home here with all this doggie chat. Yes, like I said we have 5 dogs, and it really is nearly more than I can handle. Bolero is our Afghan. I posted her pic in the Picture forum. She's 5 years old and has a unique story.

I have groomed her since she was a puppy and could always tell that she was a nice dog. Her owners were transplanted to the U.S. from Lithuania and had NEVER owned a dog before. (GASP**) Bolero had been a gift to them from some friends. I told the people early on that if they ever got to a point that they couldn't take care of her anymore I would take her. After a year, she began coming in matted, of course, and she needed to be shaved down. Major bummer, because they never came back again.

Then a year ago (when Bo was 4), they showed up at the shop one last time and asked if I would take her. When I visited their house, I discovered that she had been living in a laundry room hallway during bad weather days and outside tethered on their deck on nice days. I can't begin to imagine how awful it must have been for an Afghan to be able to look at an expansive yard (which WAS fenced in) and not be allowed to run. Bo was not allowed in the rest of the house with the family, and whenever they ran out of dog food, they'd switch brands.

She was shaved when she came home with us (which was SUPPOSED to only be temporary, since I already had 4 dogs.) Now, a year later, her coat is grown out nearly all the way except for her ears. She has adjusted incredibly well, seems very happy with us, and gets to run in the yard with the other dogs. She also sleeps on the furniture and now knows that blankets are not toilets. It's been a long road in some ways, but in others she's just a part of the family now. So, that's the story of Bolero. :D

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