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HI Everyone,
I want to thank all of you for your wonderful suggestions during Nellie's pregnancy. She and her pups are doing very well. Their eyes are now open and I have some new pictures coming that I will post soon.

I had a buyer ask me what I would suggest for a good book on training puppies. I asked about breeding books and took your advice and bought The Book Of The Bitch....which was so informative. :D So I thought maybe some of you might have a suggestion for a good book. Maybe even one for Golden Retrievers?

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I personally prefer "Why does my Dog?" by John Fisher, but it's not
really a training book. He is a behaviorist, and gives good advice on how to break a dogs bad habits...there is also one I have heard touted as very good, called "The other end of the leash.." and I believe that is a training book. Other people here can confirm. Goldens are generally very easy to train, they want to please, but like any dog, they need discipline and structure....

and they are VERY intelligent, and in my experience, the more intelligent the dog, the quicker they learn to manipulate their humans....


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I second that, "The Other End Of The Leash" by McConnell is a great read. "The Culture Clash" by Jean Donaldson is also a good, informative read. But if you really want the "bible" that covers everything, "The Applied Handbook of Training and Behavior, Vols. I &II" by Steven Lindsay is the most comprehensive guide to canine behavior, most professionals have it in their libraries.

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