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  1. I'm so sorry about your loss. I think we all know how you feel. Hugs :angel:
  2. I am so sorry and I know how you feel. They are our family and it hurts so much to loose our pets who are always there for us. I still miss my Kassi who I lost in 2001. Try and remember all the good times and you will feel her with you. Hugs :angel:
  3. KathiNellie

    Labor Signs?

    The temperature is a sure sign. Also with the panting it is pretty much constant. Alot of dogs also dig at bedding and try to dig in gardens to make a nest. It is much different than a normal panting dog. Just keep taking her temp twice a day. It should normally be between 100 and 101. When it drops to 98 or so and stays there she should be going into labor. Good Luck.
  4. They are adorable. I know how you feel about no sleep. Nellie had me up for 24 hours before she started pushing. She had them between 12:30am and 3:30am. It went well and she is a great Mom. Sweet little babies. And puppy breath AHHH love it!!
  5. Going to the beach is a lot of fun with dogs that love the water. Nellie loved it. The only thing that made it difficult later was VERY loose stools from drinking the salt water :roll: I think the lead is a very good idea until they get used to it
  6. Sorry everyone I keep forgetting to sign in. The last post was from me. Again my thoughts and prayers are with you dear.
  7. Thank you so much for your suggestions. I saw you are from the same area I got my Topbrass goldens from. Such neat and smart dogs :D
  8. HI Everyone, I want to thank all of you for your wonderful suggestions during Nellie's pregnancy. She and her pups are doing very well. Their eyes are now open and I have some new pictures coming that I will post soon. I had a buyer ask me what I would suggest for a good book on training puppies. I asked about breeding books and took your advice and bought The Book Of The Bitch....which was so informative. :D So I thought maybe some of you might have a suggestion for a good book. Maybe even one for Golden Retrievers? Thanks
  9. I just loved reading this. If our dogs could speak I know this is what they would say. Thanks for posting it :D
  10. Thanks Cassie. I had been giving her carrots but apples sound good. I have never tried them. I am with her all the time now so she doesn't scratch the areas she had irritatated before. The only area now that still is itchy are her ears. I have been cleaning them out with vinegar and water every day and she was doing well until I had to go out yesterday for a few hours. She does much better when I have her with me. She is uncomfortable right now and is clingy. She is getting lots of attention and spoiling from me. I sure know how is it to get big and pregnant and I have sympathy for her :-? Only about 4 more days to go :)
  11. I have really enjoyed doing obedience with Nellie. I can tell you the best way to see if it is for you. Go to a class or two and observe. There are different methods and some work better than others in my opinion. I went to a club for a year and wasn't getting anywhere, and then found this lady who teachs all levels and has a lot of experience. Nellie has just blossomed in her classes. Of course I am the one who had to learn how to motivate her. :lol:
  12. When I think of all the people out there who pay no attention to genetics and all around health of breeding it drives me crazy. The extent I went to to breed Nellie was involved to say the least and I wouldn't do it any other way!! Makes me very angry :(
  13. Nellie has a week to go before she has her pups and she has developed this constant itching. Paws, ears, and even her eyes seem to bother her. I took her to the vet and he gave me some benadryl. Althought he says it is safe I hate to give her anything that might hurt the pups. She has been on Innova for over a year but one thing I started doing in November was making her bisquits. I was thinking maybe with the ingredients ....wheat flour, corn meal, wheat gern, yeast and reg flour with chicken broth might have made her develop this condition. I have been reading where some dogs delvelop an intolerance to grain and if that is the case with her these bisquits would really aggravate her. I will look more into this after the pups are weaned but I am just wondering what your thoughts are on this?
  14. OOPPPS Cassie. I forgot to sign in before I replied. The reply from guest is from me. Can you tell I am new at this :oops:
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