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Folks with experience in obedience & agility... opinion?


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If you guys get a minute, how about checking out this obedience club?


I would like some feedback on whether it appears to be worth joining. I'm particularly interested in the obedience, but could get into agility much, much later (if I ever get out of the rescue business and get a "good" dog :roll: ).


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I had a wee quick look at their site and they look good. The things that a good club have are experience with experienced handlers, and not people who teach classes out of a book! Also it is AKC registered and teaches the GCDS which is good. I would certainly say they would be worth going to, and even watch some of their lessons to see what sort of training methods they use.

Good luck! :D

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Thanks so much for the input. I'm really considering putting Fifty in some sort of formal obedience class, but it would have to be totally positive. As hyper and aggravating as he is, he totally shuts down and cowers if he perceives even a hint of frustration. There is another trainer closer to me, but she is kind of a "get the job done whatever it takes" trainer, meaning if the dog doesn't do "right," he is strongly reprimanded. Fifty wouldn't get a thing out of that. He'd lay right down and pee himself. :oops:

I've always taught my dogs basic obedience, myself, but I just think Fifty could really thrive in more of a classroom setting with someone who could make him focus without intimidating him.

Thanks. :)

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I have really enjoyed doing obedience with Nellie. I can tell you the best way to see if it is for you. Go to a class or two and observe. There are different methods and some work better than others in my opinion. I went to a club for a year and wasn't getting anywhere, and then found this lady who teachs all levels and has a lot of experience. Nellie has just blossomed in her classes. Of course I am the one who had to learn how to motivate her. :lol:

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