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Flea and Tick products. Has there been a comparisons done

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Guest Anonymous

Hi! I am new to this board. I was going to buy some frontline for my animals and decided to try and find out if there has ever been a product comparisons to see if any of the cheaper brands are as good as frontline.

I love animals, I have 5 dogs, 3 cats and 3 horses and 1 pet turkey. So as you can see things can get pretty expensive for me and I try to save money in smart, healthy ways.

Anybody know of a good cheap product for fleas and tick, especially ticks that works good, but safe??


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the cheap products are something you definitely want to avoid. here's an example why you shouldn't use hartz products for example:

personally i use advantage, it has a very good product record with very few complications reported. it is a product that has been used pretty much world wide for over 15 years now.

here's a little "secret" about saving money using advantage:
an entire tube of advantage for each animal is not always necessary. per the bayer product information i have found that the minimum applied dosage is 0.1 ml per kilogram (2.2 lbs) of body weight. e.g. the smallest doses sold are 0.4 ml tubes, recommended for cats and dogs up to 4 kg. in my experience this minimum dosage is sufficient already to keep our household flea free, so i don't apply more than that.

i have 5 cats and one dog, so one tube for dogs over 55 lbs (which contains enough to treat an animal of up to 40 kg/88 lbs with the minimum dosage) is enough for all of them. i use a small plastic syringe (without needle) to measure the appropriate doses and to apply it.

it's a "violation of federal law" :roll: :roll: to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling, which tells you to apply the entire tube. i am not suggesting you should break any laws, but personally i do not put any more chemicals on my pets than absolutely necessary. if that means i'm breaking the law, then i guess i'm guilty, but the health of my animals is more important to me than a law someone passed. fleas are absolutely nasty where i live and pretty much active all year round, so i put up with using the advantage because nothing else helps.

you can order the advantage online for about $25 and up for a 4-pack, so for my 5 animals that's around $6.25 per month. not too bad, is it?

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which product is "better" depends on the individual circumstances.

i've never had any luck at all with frontline for example, despite giving it more than one or two tries. likewise with revolution.

advantage has never let me down, regardless if applied to dogs or cats.

a friend of mine has the reverse problem. advantage doesn't work as well for her as frontline does.

i can't comment on advantix, since it is toxic for cats and can't be applied to dogs that live in the same household as cats.

ultimately you have to try and see what works better.

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He has gotten a lot of complaints about the Revolution as well. And to be another wet blanket, I also didn't like Revolution for flea control. That was the most common complaint about it... it didn't work. I know I sound cynical, but if it's that useless on fleas, I don't trust it as a heartworm preventive.

Then again, keep in mind we live in rural south Georgia. The fleas here are mutants, I believe.

I'm sure there's no one size fits all flea control for dogs. The same dogs that do great on Frontline might not do as well on Advantage. It's just what has the best track record in our clinic as far as effectiveness. The clinic just across town sells the heck out of some Frontline, so apparently it's what's working for someone. :)

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Oh, and I forgot about Capstar. So far, I love that stuff. I was really very hesitant to administer flea control in a pill, but I've not seen any problems with it. Well, I take that back... I have seen two very tiny dogs develop diarrhea and the Capstar was suspected. I love it for a quick fix. It's cheap and very effective. It's not for longterm flea control, but it will sure kill any that are on them at the time. I very seldom get groom clients in loaded with fleas, anymore, but on the rare occasion I do, I give them a Capstar (owner consent). It's amazing. You can sit the dog on a white towel and watch the fleas drop and just form a circle around the dog. I wouldn't use it longterm, though, but for a quick kill, it does the trick. It's how I get away with using Advantage very rarely. We are diligent about keeping fleas at bay here (10 dogs and 5 cats in the house... a flea outbreak would be disastrous).

I'd be interested in hearing if anyone knows of any adverse reactions to Capstar.

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