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Dog eating wallpaper


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[b] I have a pup who is 7mths old,She as never chewed our shoses or slippers etc.WE have also made sure she as lots of doggie toys and chew sticks bones ect.
But all of a sudden she has decided to rip the wallpaper of the walls,also she as got a naste for the stair carpet.I was wondering if any body as had this sort of trouble and if any one has any idea of what I can do to stop her.It is the only problen with have with her and I have tried every thing ,So any idea's or tips any one can give me would be great.[/b]

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I really need more info, but here goes...

Is she tearing down the wallpaper and stashing it somewhere? Also, the carpet she has ripped up, is she putting it witht he wallpaper?

She may be pregnant if not fixed, or false pregnancy if she is, and she
is nesting....they seem attracted to paper for some reason in that condition....

Is she left alone long times during the day? She may be having a bit of
seperation anxiety, or she may just be mad that you left her.

Now THIS is an odd one, and unlikely, but I'll include it since it happened
to me...Does your house have radiant heat? And if so have the radiators been bled this year yet?

The reason I ask is that radiators make "squealing" noises when the heat comes on if there is air in the lines. Your pup might think there's a critter of some sort behind the walls or under the floor, depending on where the pipes are running. My dog chewed up half the carpeting trying to get to a wristwatch in the basement that would go off at the same time everyday - I finally figured it out on a Saturday when I was in the basement when it
happened, and heard her scrabbling to rip the carpet up to get at it.
I have also seen her run over to the radiator in the kitchen and paw at the floor there, and when I put my head to the ground I could hear the pipes hissing....Once I got rid of the wristwatch and bled the radiator the terrorism stopped....

If you have any more info, please share it. With what little I have to go on, all of the above could be dead wrong....


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Guest Anonymous

[b]Thank you for your reply so quickly to my post.Now she's not left for long at all.I am disabled and take her most places I go,but has you know I cant take her shopping so I leave her at home.Which I have done from day one of having her.But this last two weeks the wallpaper is taking a beating. I just dont know what else to try has belive me she as every thing a dog could wish for and I always bring her back some thing.I will try bleeding the radiators just in case but I'm sure its not that she's very good when she's with me. But the one time she did do it when I was in with her. The thing is she know's she's done wrong when I get back or when she's done it she come's with her head down,it just dont make ant sence to me.But if you do think of any thing else I will try it.It was suggested to me that I get rid of her but my freind dont know me very well because know matter what she dose I love her and there is nothing she could do to make me get rid of her.I will win it may take time but I will get there.she's not pregnant I do know that, any way I will leave you to ponder because thats what I am doing at the moment :lol: Thanks again.

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Hmm so she only does it when you leave? Sounds like bordom or seperation anxiety. Do you leave her toys when you leave? Kongs work the best I think because it takes time to get the stuff out of them. You could spray the wallpaper and carpet with bitter apple too. You stated that she did do it onetime when you were home, if you see her chewing on it you can get a spray bottle or squirt gun(that's what I use) and squirt her with water if you see her doing it. Good luck!

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Reading this thread I would imagine because the dog is with you nearly all the time, when you do leave her she will suffer from anxietyit also sounds as if you have close bonded which may also exaserbate the situation.

I have posted an article from my Website under the training section of this forum as someone else was worried about this problemit is all about separation anxiety, diagnosis, and treatment plan. You may wish to have a look at it.

Best of luck


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I work and my dog rips the wallpaper off but I don't leave her alone ,I keave her with my disabled mum but my dog is too big for mum to handle so she stays nainly upstairs out of the way ..will she eat my mum when she gets fed up with the wallpaper ..a it of a worry for my mum .

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