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Bye-Bye baby teeth


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It's soo cute for some reason! I was playing fetch with her and wondered why she gave me the ball every time I tried to take it from her. Soo I opened her mouth and three of her canines are missing! She also likes to pull our ferrets tails and it just slips right out of her mouth... The ferrets love this and tease her now!

She's losing her baby teeth! Now I'm making sure I leave more chewsticks out than usual, don't want her destroying anything as she grows her new fangs.

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Yay! I can't wait for Bella to start loosing her baby teeth. She's already 13 weeks old (14 on tuesday), so they should start to loosen any day now. (I hope, because they are so SHARP!)
I remember when Ben lost his milk teeth. I found a few on the floor and checked his mouth every day like the mouth would have been a little birhtday gift. (I know, I'm weird. :?)
I still have a little tiny box with Ben's teeth I found on the floor etc. :)

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