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Pregnant cocker spaniel found weighted and drowned :(


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The dog would appear to have been thrown over a little wooden bridge that goes over the river,the water there is crystal clear and many people saw her after she had died.

Last night the chap who patrols that area was on the television,he has a springer himself so the fact that it is a spaniel has made it all the more upsetting for the poor man,he is very upset.

I can't stop thinking about her and I keep welling up I just can't get those pictures out of my head,it was only a few miles from here too :cry:

I hope when the day comes for me to go to the bridge that her and her puppies will come to me,then I can make up for her loveless life :cry:

Run free sweetheart :cry:

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I saw this in the paper yesterday and couldn't believe my eyes. :cry: :cry: :cry: Why couldn't they have just took the poor dog to the RSPCA, there's no need whatsoever to have done this. I think they enjoyed it and sicko is right. :evil: :evil: :evil: Someone is not right in the head. :evil: Wouldn't you just love to do the same to the person/s who did this, I too am a pacifist but I would watch with relish and drool at the mouth with the pleasure of it. I hope it's true that what goes around comes around. :evil:

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