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Greyhounds.....*links to upsetting images*


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I wanted to post this because after chatting to some of you on msn I realised that people outside of the UK seem unaware of what a huge problem it is over here.

Greyhounds here are often seen as a disposable asset,which can be disposed of once their racing career is finished.


Most dogs will only race for a few years but they usually live until their early teens.
In Spain the problem is even more sinister.
The most popular disposal method is hanging and believe me that is not a quick death either, these people are evil :evil:

Quote...Tens of thousands of dogs are disposed of every year by the greyhound racing industry, either because they fail to make the grade as racers or because their racing days are over.

At least 40,000 greyhounds are bred every year in Great Britain and Ireland. The majority of these dogs are produced to supply the demand of the British greyhound racing industry, which is the biggest in the world.

Thousands of greyhound pups and young dogs are put to death because they fail to reach racing standards. We estimate that at least 20,000 are killed annually in the British Isles.

Dogs which actually make it to the track are very likely to experience suffering during their racing careers. It has been estimated that greyhounds running on British tracks sustain more than 12,000 injuries every year and that 10% of dogs that race are already suffering from injuries. Injured toes, torn muscles, strained tendons and arthritic joints are commonplace.

At least 10,000 greyhounds "retire" from racing in Britain every year, at an average age of just 2

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Greyhound adoption groups are prevelant here but they acknowledge they are just a small drop in the bucket. There are far too many greyhounds that need to be retired from racing for them all to be placed in homes. Avoiding attending races or betting on them would be a good start, lobbying to end greyhound racing is also awsome.

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