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Agility seminar/run throughs/yard sale in Richmond VA


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Worried about attending your first agility trial? Fear no more!

Richmond, VA September 13, 2003 9 am - 12 pm All Dog Playskool

Announcing a seminar titled "Your First Agility Trial"...everything you need
to know to enter your first trial. (All venues...AKC, UKC, NADAC, USDAA) How
to find out about trials, how to enter, costs, equipment needed, how to
volunteer, scoring, trial etiquette and much much more. We will also have a novice
level course set up for run-through. Seminar indoors/course outdoors.

After the seminar, the Central Virginia Agility Club will be hosting a "Fund
Raiser Run Through and Agility Yard Sale"

For more information, go to the All Dog Playskool website. [url]http://www.alldogplayskool.com[/url]

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The weekend this takes place I'm gonna be in Richmond! It's my parents anniversy and my dad is taking my mom to a piano concert in Richmond. The only thing is my sister has a soccer game in my city in the morning at like 10:00, so I might not be able to get there by 12:00. :bigcry: I'll see if I can get my dad or someone to drive me up Friday.......... I'll ask my parents about it............... I really hope I can come...... how cool it would be to meet u!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

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