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Future Pit Bull owners please educate yourself

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[quote]alot of the pits in the paper are to expensive for me and alot of people i know[/quote]
It's too expensive for you to buy a dog from a fellow BYB listed in the paper, but you can afford to breed. Lucky for your dog that she didn't have any problems delivering the pups, as that alone could have been tenfold of what you would pay for a pup from the paper.

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Guest Anonymous

thanks for the info k, ill try that. as for the insurance thing i no longer have any pits but if i decided to breed again i would. the other byb like me ask a lot of money for pits, yes i know if my pit had problems delivering it would have been expensive, that is why we were very careful when she was pregnant and made sure that she had extra nutrition and she gave birth in our house in our living room. we stayed with her the whole time to make sure she was ok. all of our puppies were extremely healthy and all were born a good size. most dogs ive seen always have a runt or an unhealthy puppy in a litter but she didnt. none of her puppies were small or unhealthy. and when we started weening them we mixed there food with a nutrition supplement. i may sound like im contradicting myself but a lot of people who are byb that put puppies in the paper try to sell you poor quality dogs and a very high price. we had the momma and daddy on site, and we asked very little for our pups. we made sure that the people that got our dogs knew what the momma and daddy looked like and acted like and we also made sure that if for some reason they decided not to keep the puppy they would bring it back. so far everyone that has gotten a puppy from us loves them. the guys at my husbands work love there puppies and say they are spoiled rotten. ive seen all of my puppies since we sold them so i know they are all doing well.

k thanks again im going to try that, i think my dogs are digging after moles but not sure i just know they like to dig right in the walkway. my father in law fell in one of the holes the other day and almost hurt himself. we have filled holes with tree mulch and we have also used some type of dirt that packs really hard. my father in law says to cut there nails really short but that seems wrong to me so thanks ill try that.

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