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Bentley's Dad

What breeds can do schutzhund?

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"Do they make good guard dogs?

Because Border Collies are bred to herd rather that protect livestock, they are not reliable guard dogs. They can be protective of their families and generally bark if they hear or see something they don't like. ([b]There are, however, some Border Collies that have been trained to advanced Schutzhund degrees.)"[/b]

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Most any breed can do Schutzhund. As long as they are big enough. By "big enough" I mean basically no "little dogs". I have personally seen 2 Pembroke Welsh Cogris that were both SchH2 titled. Usually the thing that stops the smaller dogs is the height of the jumps and the weight of the dumbell at the higher levels. I also had a friend that had a Golden Retriever that was SchH titled.
Most Sch dogs are not "aggressive". To the dogs it is a GAME. Most of them would not bite a person without the sleeve. They are trained to "go for the sleeve". Meaning that if the helper (the "bad guy") isn't wearing the sleeve, the dog couldn't care less about the guy.
They are worked mostly in prey drive, not defense, they don't thing of the helper as a bad preson, he is their "play buddy". This is why dogs like Border Collies and Goldens can do it.

You can check out [url]www.dvgamerica.org[/url] for more info. DVG is an all breed SchH organization.
USA (United Schutzhund Clubs of America) is a German Shepherd only Sch org. Their site is at [url]www.germanshepherddog.com[/url]
If you want any more info, feel free to ask.

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I think any breed can do it, so long as the individual dog has the right traits. My dog's mom (Great Dane) does French Ring very well (which is similar to Schutz) and I know of a few other Danes in FR or Schutzhund.

Are you looking to get a dog to begin doing Schutzhund with?
I'd try to find a breed that otherwise fits in with the home and other family members, then seek out lines within the breed that have done a lot of sporting.

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