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  1. Black GSD

    Plucking ears

    Yep, just have them show you at the vet. It really is very easy. And easier if you use powder in the ears. It's easier to grip the ear hair if it is powdered first. All you have to do is grab a few hairs between your thumb and finger and pull(Pull hard and fast. Kinda like when you remove a band-aide). It is easier if you use forceps, but they cost money, any you have to be careful that you don't accidentally grab skin with them. As far as how often? As often as needed. Hair growth varies from breed to breed, and even dog to dog.
  2. Black GSD

    Cutest breed?

    I think that Cardigan Welsh Corgi PUPPIES are the cutest EVER. They are also cute as adults as are French Bulldogs.
  3. Black GSD

    What do you think of...

    I'm not impressed with the ingredients. I dont' like corn. I wouldn't feed it to my dogs.
  4. Black GSD

    K9 Unit or Guid Dogs...

    Working with Guide or Assistance dogs is MUCH safer! With Police K9s it isn't IF you get bitten, it is WHEN and HOW BAD!
  5. Black GSD

    working tests for working breeds

    [quote name='zheelah'] We have many breeds that have two types of dogs, working dogs and show dogs, they should be the same or at least more like each other than they have become.[/quote] And in some breeds like the GSD, there are even more "types" than that. There is the American Show lines, German Show lines, German Working lines, Czech and DDR (What used to be East Germany) lines. Then there are those dogs that are a combination of any of the above lines. There are also those that we GSD people call the American BYB lines. Oh and the White lines too :roll: . And not only are the looks as different as night and day between the lines, but so are the tempements and working ability(or LACK of it :evil: .)
  6. Black GSD

    working tests for working breeds

    In Germany a GSD MUST have a show rating, be breed suveyed, have a hip rating, AND have either a Schutzhund title, OR an HGH. (Which is a herding title.) There are quite a few breeders in the US that breed this way too. (But not nearly enough.) But there IS a problem with this system too. There are dogs out there that get titles that shouldn't. It really isn't that hard to get a SchH1 on a dog. But it is STILL better than nothing. As far as conformation, that is all well and fine. But just because a dg has the conformation to do the job does NOT mean that it has the instinct, trainability or brains to do it.
  7. Black GSD

    "New" Breeds

    Starfox, While I agree with most of what you posted. IMO, this part is TOTALLY incorrect. [quote]Hobby breeders need to be stopped[/quote] The Hobby Breeders are THE ones that should be breeding. They are doing it for the LOVE of the breed. They train and show their dogs, do ALL genetic testing that applies to their breed, do a LOT of research to find what they consider the "perfect" mate for their bitch. They have a PLAN for the litter. If you ask them WHY they bred the bitch and WHY to the particular stud dog they did, they can give you a page long answer. They would rather keep all of the pups in the litter from birth to death, than sell then to an unsuitable buyer. They will take a puppy back from a buyer for any reason. They WILL tell a person standing in front of them with a fist full of money wanting to buy a puppy that they are NOT acceptable if they aren't. Most of the time they LOOSE money on a litter of puppies. But they DON'T care. And they WILL do it again and loose money AGAIN because they are doing it for the RIGHT reason.
  8. Black GSD

    "New" Breeds

    [quote name='Elle'] I guess I just don't think the majority of any of those purebred breeders pay as much attention to genetics, etc., as you all are seeming to proclaim. -------- like I said, owners of purebreds have many reasons they think are perfectly acceptable for rationalizing why they purchase their dogs --- well, those of us who purchase a mix, or as the term is used here, a fad dog, we also have acceptable reasons for our purchase. So, who's to say either of us are wrong? We were both looking for particular characteristics, neither of us felt able to find such in a shelter (altho I looked for a long time), so, end of story? We both PURCHASED our pet from a breeder. [/quote] As to the first part. ALL "Reputable" breeders DO pay attention to genetics. It is the BYBs and those that are in it only for the money that don't care about genetics or testing for genetic issues. There is NO excuse for anyone to breed 2 dogs together without genetic testing. NONE! Now on to the second part. Show me exactly where I said anything against those that buy mutts! Show me where I said that that you are wrong for buying your mixed breed. If you want to get technical, even those that get their dogs from the shelter PURCHASE their dogs. They have to pay money for them don't they? Like I said before, I have NO issue with mixed breeds. I DO have a problem with anyone that breeds them in order to make money! I have an issue with those same "puppy makers" that breed 2 purebreds of different breeds together and calls the MUTT offspring a "purebred" Labradoodle or WHATEVER. And I DO have problem with these same "puppy pushers" blowing smoke up the arses of ignorant people. People that don't know any better and believe all of the crap that these "puppy makers" spew. [b]STUPIDITY SHOULD BE PAINFULL!!!![/b]
  9. Black GSD

    "New" Breeds

    Here is a question for "some" folks. WHY do you rag on those what don't get dogs from the shelter instead of directing your attitude/hostility where it REALLY belongs? At those that dump dogs in the shelters in the first place! (Or just dump them so that they are picked up by AC. {if they are lucky.})
  10. Black GSD

    Breeding "mutts" on purpouse?

    [quote name='Cassie'] I think dog breeders should sit down with horse breeders to learn how to do it right. Here is a classic example of how man can create genetic diseases...they were starting to breed a bulky, big chested quater horse...this horses were used for halter shows...they were breeding for exaggerated looks for these horses...they looked muscualar and beautiful...but, they suffered from a genetic heart condition...any excess physical activity could cause the horse to drop dead...[/quote] Huh? What "genetic heart condition" are you talking about? I have been breeding Quarter horses for a lot of years and have never heard of such a thing. Are you talking about HYPP? If so it isn't a "heart condition".
  11. Black GSD


    [quote name='KathiAnne']I have never heard of anyone having all puppies sold before breeding?? [/quote] I sure have. The breeder I got my pup from had $500 deposits for 12 puppies from one of her bitches BEFORE the bitch was even bred. (But it IS true that that doesn't happen all that often.)
  12. Black GSD

    Triumph dog food

    [quote name='TDG']salt isn't necessarily a bad ingredient, it just depends on the amount.[/quote] RIGHT. Everyone NEEDS salt. People, dogs, cats, horses, ect... But too much is NOT good and can cause problems. It does seem to me that salt IS awefull high up on the ingredient list though.
  13. Black GSD

    over weight golden

    [quote name='Nancy B'] Also....three cups of food a day is a LOT of food! . [/quote] Depends on the DOG. (And the food.) My 1yo GSD pup eats 4 heaping cups of "premuim" kibble a day (Not including the other stuff I add to it.). And he is still thin. BUT, he is more active than most dogs. Think of a Border Collie on CRACK and that will give you some idea of how active he is. He is a dog that does NOT sleep or even relax AT ALL during the day. (If my adult female GSD ate 4 cups a day, or even 3, she would explode!) In the case of the "fluffy :wink: " Golden, I would also agree that a change of food is a good idea. As well as less of it. And MORE exercise. (And a vet check.)
  14. Black GSD

    People...or more specifically...CUSTOMER'S!!!!

    All of these stories really make me glad I'm not grooming anymore. :D I was the one that got all of the ones that were BTD. (Bad To Do.) (Luckily we charged more for the biters.) And also luckily, the ones that were so bad that they had been kicked out of other shops had owners that were so happy to find someone that could and would do their dog, they were good tippers too. I did one nasty, crazy, biting, Schnauzer that had been kicked out of every other shop in town. (And there were SEVERAL.) But after coming to me a few times, she was a whole different girl. (For ME.) What used to REALLY dirve me nuts were the ones that came in SO matted that it came off in one solid chunk. And these were usually the nicest dogs. The ones that you could tell were in pain from the matts beind SO heavy and tight, yet all they wanted to do was kiss you.