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Dog eating poop! Eeww

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

My puppy has started eating other dog's poop when we are out for walks! :o :oops:
It is not all poop, either! It may only be from 1 or 2 dogs.
I try to knock it out of her mouth while saying "No" when she picks it up.
Is she not getting enough nutrients???
Is she doing something to be dominant?
She is a 11 month old spayed puppy, so she is not a mother.
[b]Why do dogs do this??? [/b]:(

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I had this problem with one of my dogs and was completely disgusted by it then I realized that he only did that when they had their serve of raw bones and meat as my dogs live in runs it was just a case of cleaning up real quick !!! but if I was you Id keep saying no mabey in a stronger voice and another thought might be to offer the dog a treat if they respond to the command for some positive reinforcement.

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Poo eating is a common problem, pineapple works on
their own stools only.
I can picture the man with the tabassco running infront :lol: :P :lol:
It may be that the poo that is being eaten is high in meat content, but it is a really yukky habit.
Keep him running with the tabassco for now :lol:

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Must wake ya feel proud eh?;)

Yo, KIWI! Welcome to the board! Nic story! Hey, I love Bull Terriers too!!!!!

Members: I haven't been on Dogo.com for 4 horrible days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(angery face)

My, mom sais i'm only allowed on Thursdays! HARSH!!!!!!!

I sneaked in to-day....shhhhh

HELP! I think im getting the strong case of missindogomaniacomtoooomuchitos!


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Guest Anonymous

Thanks everyone! :D
I too have not been online for a few days. :cry:
(Not because of my mother. She lives in Florida.) :lol:
Yes, I think this is a discusting habit! :o :oops:
I will give her some pineapple, but we immediately clean up after her, and she never goes after her own poop.
Everyone in this apartment community is [b]Supposed to [/b] pick up after their dogs. :evil:
I might try to hire a neighbor kid to run around & put chili powder + tabasco sauce on all the poop every week!! :lol: :D :wink:
Don't you think that would do it??? :P

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my huge pup Oscar had this bad habbit of jumping onto the counter and taking our food when we were out of the room.
Once he got a hold of my step dads steak, it wasnt pretty. So my step dad went out bought himself another steak and then bought Oscar one. While he cooked his steak Oscars was marinating in a witch's concoction of every spice we could get our hands on. oscars steak was browned the topped with habanero peppers as well as some other Cajun sauce. Then plan was to let Oscar steal it and then he'd learn his lesson. He took the steak and dissapeared for over an hour which was unusual because he's usually out for like 6 minutes till he's back looking for more. So after another 15 minutes we thought we might have really hurt him and made him sad (after all he is a Golden :roll: ) we thought he may have been hiding somewhere crying. so we went looking for him calling his name, getting more and more worried as we looked. then we found him laying underneath a tree. At first I feared the worst till I got a clear look at his head, HUGE golden smile chewing on the bone of the best steak he'd ever eaten :roll:
that was SO funny, you had to be there to really appreciate that smile :lol:

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Guest Anonymous

I hope this litte "Deter" pill works. I am on my way to the pet store now to buy some for my puppy. She is an English Bulldog and has become quite the eater!!! The only thing more discusting than her eating the poop is cleaning up the poop she threw up 10 minutes after eating it. :( :-? :tard:

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Guest Anonymous

I've been using Deter with my dogs for a couple of months now. It seems to be working. I have to give the pills to all of the dogs, even though Bentley is the only one who eats poop, because then he would just eat the other dogs poop. But I haven't caught him eating poop in quite a while. Well..... he still tries to eat out of the kitties litter box but that's another story!

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Hello everyone. I haven't posted anything in a long time. When I worked in the veteranarian's office, our doctor's recommended putting Accent seasoning on the dog's food. There are other products for that out there, but that is an easy home remedy. Things don't come out tasting and smelling so much like what went in I guess. It might save time racing the dog to the poop with Tabasco.

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If your dog is eating poop, also known as coprophagia, it can be a concerning and unpleasant behavior. Here are some tips to help discourage this behavior:

  1. Keep the environment clean: Make sure you clean up after your dog immediately, and keep the area where they go potty clean.

  2. Train your dog: Teach your dog the "leave it" command and reward them when they obey. This can help redirect their attention away from poop.

  3. Provide a balanced diet: Make sure your dog is getting enough nutrients in their diet. If they are lacking certain vitamins or minerals, they may be more likely to eat poop.

  4. Monitor your dog: Keep a close eye on your dog and supervise them when they are outside. If you see them going for poop, redirect their attention to a toy or treat.

  5. Address underlying medical issues: In some cases, coprophagia can be a sign of an underlying medical issue. Take your dog to the vet to rule out any potential health issues.

Remember that it's important to remain patient and consistent when addressing unwanted behaviors in your dog. With time and training, you can help them develop good habits and prevent potential health issues.


Kailynn Bowling
Founder at San Diego Goldendoodles
A  the dog whisper, with 30 years of training and working with dogs.

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