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  1. I was wondering if I could feed my new pup the same protein powder that I eat? Either way since reading TDG's page I have a few questions about protein uptake. I assume the differant amino acid functions would be the same when comparing myself to my pooch right? I mean an AA is an AA no matter how you cut it, so it should do the same thing despite species right? If my assumtion is true than I would like to put Bayou (my pup) on nightly BCAAs somewhere in the 3 gram range. As well as say, 70 grams of high availability protein maybe a designer whey/egg/(quality) casein. Add whole food protein to push total uptake to around 110 grams a day. I would also like to supplement Lysine, Creatine, Leucine and Arginine. As long as there is nothing wrong in doing so. When talking human athletes the rule of thumb is 1 gram per pound of lean weight. At 10% body fat, a 200 pound guy eats 180 grams everyday he trains. I figure dogs digestion is faster so you would need to up the number a bit and I'm not sure how to calculate BF percentages in dogs either but 110 sounds good. Besides to much will just get passed, no harm done. Anyway what do you guys think?
  2. Damn it girls, I leave for a couple of months and whole operation falls to shit!!!!! ok ok ok, get a grip I think we can overcome your sex starved, bumbling, idiotc, catastrophic faults. My kingdom may still be rebuilt....I just have to take stock of the new blood that has joined the forum since I left......and then maybe.....just maybe................
  3. OH SHUSH!!! K, these people cant be exposed so quickly, we have no idea what could happen to them all if not prepared in accordance to the "Great Way" any board member not here for the original seeding on 10 Dec 2002 would show great resistace to the change. and God knows what that would do :o
  4. K if I ever end up on that side of the world you are the first person I'm gonna look up :D same for smoosh if I ever end up in her neck of the woods :wink:
  5. yeah whats crazy is he didnt fight me at all when I was trying to pull it out. He didnt cry, whine, yelp or try to get away which told me it must have been bugging him enough to let me try to do what I could. Ugh that thing is gonna give nightmares tonight watch
  6. well just got back from the vet hosp. the doc there said this is only the 2nd one he'd seen in 20years that came out of a dog. usually they live in cows. I'm not even going to try to remember what the name of it was but its basically a fly that pokes a little mosquito hole and lays an egg that feeds off the host until it gets the size of this thing at which point it turns into a new fly. scary shit man, that thing freaked me out, hell its still is freaking me out. the picture isnt totally accurate because he's all contracted, when he's fully extended he's easily a bit longer than the match *shudder* poor dog glad I got the demon out though
  7. this is the weirdest thing I've ever seen [img]http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=142540&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg[/img] is that really a tick? I thought ticks were totally differant
  8. okay I think I fixed it, my picture hosts always change the URLs after a certain aloted time or something it gets quite annoying. so taurus took my place huh, I'll have to do some digging and make sure he's treatin you girls right AND that he's busting trollers out like he should the guard dog of dogo is not a job for the meek!!!!
  9. okay got pics it totally started to squirm when I dabbed alchohol on it so its definatly a tick. so now my question is how exactly do I get it out? If I just tweeze it wont the head come off or something like that? [img]http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=142524&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg[/img] and smoosh here is nikki [img]http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=142523&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg[/img] he's my little mutt that acts like a chick so I gave him a girl name :D K, I thought of you the other day, Nightwish is playing a show here next month and I saw an add for it so I thought I should check them out just for you. so who pissed of hobbit? or is it too fresh to talk about :-? what about Newfiemom and the little vietnam girl I was always getting so irritated at?
  10. DAM! just lost the whole freak'n post I wrote, gotta love Dogo :lol: So yeah, I'm doing well I've been working for my friend driving limos around town and making pretty good money. I also, just today, went to my first class taught by another friend in hopes to jump into the real estate game, I'm pretty excited about that. On a more forum appropriate note, a few months ago I got a new puppy named Tony, he's a yellow lab. Already at 7 months hes a full 85 lbs he's so frick'n strong there are times I cant muscle things away from him :o So yeah whos still around here? And if whoever IS still around here doesnt check in on this thread I'll re-instate the Harem and do some serious WHOOOOPIN!!! :evilbat: :lol:
  11. hey smooshmiester, what the heck, you still havent beat me in posts yet girl, you better get on it :wink: no but whats up? hows the dogs and all that? I'm gonna try to take a cell phone pic, it might help although I'm thinking the quality wont really show anything, anyhow I'll give it a shot
  12. hey guys found a bald spot on nikki and upon closer inspection I found a large lump about the size of a quarter with a dark scab on one side. he doesnt mind me touching it and it is definatly full of fluid. I tried giving it a little squeeze and it kinda bubbled up like there was some kind of membrane in there. I did notice behind the "skin" of the membrane there was a dark brown maybe a little grey thing about the diam of a tick tac. Is it a tick? pet hospital is closed right now and I just noticed it. So I live in WA prolly doesnt have anything to do with it but I know I've never had a dog with any ticks so not sure if it is or isnt. Anyway thanks for any help I get and as always I miss being able to check in here everyday it's just not possible anymore :cry:
  13. Damn byrd I think its good I came in a bit late, I got pretty pissed at that little shitty comment myself and was authoring a kick in the teeth for the rest of the thread but it seems dead now so I'll just let it rest. Bro, these guys know best and I've got no idea how to deal with herding dogs, but I totally know what your going through and Im 100% on your side. If your gonna have a kid there aint no Fukking animal thats gonna get in the way, and I dont care what anybody thinks I mean by that because you ask all the moms on this board and its not even a thought as too who comes first. And another thing, never underestimate a mans ability to provide for his family in dire straights. NO man would ever let a thing so trivial as money hurt his wife and kids! And although I dont personaly know the guy, I do know that Byrd is a real man capable of whatever he needs to do, I dont ever worry about guys like Byrd having kids
  14. you are all wrong about american breakfast you know, the most popular breakfast over on this half of the world is a hot cup of black coffee and cold pizza from no less than 3 days ago, YUMMMMM :D
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