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First obedience class


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Took Blitz to his first obedience class yesterday (well, 7 years of age isn't too late is it!)... I was beyond amazed at his faultless behaviour! I have even returned to the check chain as his ghastly pulling has been reduced significantly, he can almost walk beside me with a loose lead now... whether this was the Halti or the obedience I don't know! :D
Agility here we come eh!

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Guest Anonymous

ooo I would love to get Hazel certified to be a therapy dog... She's so mellow and she just loves people who cannot chase her down... we would have to work past the shyness thing, but I think she would do great.

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Guest Anonymous

Congratulations to Blitz!
I can't wait to take Ruby to Obedience Classes.
I have taught her a few things at home.
Sit, Down, Shake paw & "High Five".
I need her to learn how to walk considerately on a leash.
She is over 45 lbs, and only 10 months old!
She pulls on the leash like a sled dog! :oops:
She knows that she can get away with a lot more with Daddy than Mommie. :roll:
I don't let her "thrash" the leash like Alan does.
Ruby likes to be playful: and turns aroung, grabs the leash with her teeth, then thrashes her head from side to side, yanking the leash.
I believe she might be rebelling against control of the leash, challenging the "Alpha". Alan thinks it is just a game, expending puppy energy, and expressing playfulness.
Any opinions?

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I'm not sure how to stop the leash yanking, Tigress. I saw a corgi (sorry corgilady!) doing the exact same thing today. One of my grandad's dachshunds used to do it as a pup, but grew out of it. I guess you both have to have the same approach, otherwise you'll confuse Ruby. The alpha challenge is probably part of it- had a similar thing with Blitz, he would only behave well for certain people, and others he'd get away with murder if he knew they'd let him. Obedience has taught me heaps about how much of what I do affects his behaviour, and I've only been to 2 classes! Obedience will be great for your dog and yourself :wink:
There are people here who know LOTS about training, I'm sure you'll get some good advice. (how did you get her to high-five btw?)
But I am so proud of my little (well, big) boy. He is doing so well! :D

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Guest Anonymous

To answer the question about "high five".
It is really easy if you have taught her to "shake" her paw.
Once you have her sitting up,
you show her your palm facing to her at her shoulder level (or eye level)
say the verbal cue "high five",
if necessary show her a treat with the other hand & make sure she sees that you are holding it behind the palm.
Usually dogs will dig to get at something, so she should paw at the palm to get at the treat!
(It is basically a variation on shaking paws)

Ruby knows that I'm the Alpha Female. I have established that, and she knows not to play too rough with me.
But, my husband likes to play rough with her all the time.
He spends more time with her right now because he was laid off due to the economy.
I think she might consider him more of a "litter mate".
Mommy leaves Monday-Friday for 8 or 9 hours and sometimes comes home with snacks/food/toys for her (like a kill after the hunt).

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[quote name='bk_blue'] I saw a corgi (sorry corgilady!) doing the exact same thing today. [/quote]

hahahaha well at least it wasn't MINE! :D Actually one of mine does the weirdest thing; on the path where we walk, there are some wooden bridges. They're wide enough for one person and one bike, just barely. So every time a bicycle comes along, I pull all the dogs over in front of me. For some reason, Toby INSISTS on pulling over in front of the bike, every time! He plants his (considerably large) butt and won't budge! They have to stop and wait while I remove him; being so low to the ground he gets a lot of leverage.

I figure that one day a nice dog-lover type person will come along and I will ask them to continue riding toward him.....maybe even "bump" him gently....so he can see the need to get OUTTA THE WAY! :o sheesh!

Corgilady :D

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LOL Corgi, the mysteries of canine behaviour!
For obedience, we'll be learning next week on how to get the dog to "take" something (eg. a stick) and then "give" it back. Blitz has no interest in objects like sticks and balls, very unusual for a heeler cross. The trainer suggested impregnating the stick with rabbit, bacon or smearing it with Vegemite (for aussies!) to make it more attractive, but this hasn't worked either. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make it work?

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