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  1. the vet send that the test for that came back neg. but that doesn't mean the it is not it. she is doing better today she heas been tring to play. what is this plabo?like i send before this is all new to me
  2. today i had to rush the baby puppie to the vets. they told me she has a virus but they are not really sure what it is. but they said it is really comin with puppies from the south because of the overpopulation down there. they also do not think that she will make it till monday. they could not believe that the pound let me take her or the other one because of there age. the baby(nancy) is on antibiotics now and they let me take her home its just going to be touchy for the next 48 hours. they also said if she does make it to monday then she will be golding. i cannot believe that my regular vet never told me to even watch for this, i thank god ended up going to a different vet because it was closer to were i am. i will keep posting up dates on nancy's condision. they other puppies is doing great, just sad because i have to keep them apart.
  3. thanks. i truly love animals but baby puppies are a whole new thing for me. i went down to south carolina on vacation and when i hear about how many puppies and dogs they put to sleep each month i couldn't believe it. so i figure i would go and get one but i just couldn't leave when i found out that the two of them were getting put down. it was so sad because they still had 3 more puppies that belong to the same litter as my other one and i hated to leave them there. i already really have a zoo( two bird, three mice, a cat, one rabbit and now three dogs). it is so sad how some people just don't care about amimals. everone of my animal have come from either a pound or people who just can't be bothered with them any more.
  4. yes i did make a appointment for her and the other puppy that i got down there. the other one is 7 weeks old. they are both doing ok. the older one eats greatand is a lot more active. i really apprecate all the help. i just wasn't sure what to expect from puppies this young. my older dog is seven and she is a lot easier . she never stops eating. my older dog is great with the puppies to she treats the like her own. and again thanks from my small zoo in wareham
  5. the vet actually had me run out and get pedilite last night because there was no were to get formula. i went out this morning to get formula
  6. she came from a pound down south that does not have the finacial resources to take care of a puppy. i did get a hold of a vet but i was hoping someone could give me some other advice. the pound had pick her up on the side of the rode. someone just dumbed her and they were planning on putting her down because of the fact theyreally could not take care of her and did'nt expect to find someone to take on the resonsablety of such a young baby. it is really sad because they were telling me that they put hundreds of dog/puppys down a month because of the over population in south carolina. thankyou for your concern
  7. i just picked up a puppy from a pound down in south carolina. they think she might be one month old but they are not sure if she is even that old. they only had her for one week when i got her. she will not eat anything hard or soft and i am not sure if i need to get her fomula or if she should be on hard food. they said that she ate there but she has had the runs since i got her and i am afraid that she might be dehydrating. i picked her up on the 13. she will drink water but very little. please someone help i have never had a puppy this young.
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