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  1. [img]http://sc.groups.msn.com/tn/DB/60/Woofit/1e/44a.jpg[/img] Here she is outside near the pool. [img]http://sc.groups.msn.com/tn/DB/60/Woofit/1e/44b.jpg[/img] Here she is outside in one of our patio chairs
  2. [size=6][color=blue]Happy Birthday BK[/color][/size] :bday: :new-bday:
  3. I agree every child should grow up with a dog. I plan on every child I have when old enough will have a dog of their own.
  4. Congrats, so cute can't wait to see all the pictures :bluepaw:
  5. I can't believe they put a bow tie on the dog :roll:
  6. I think its all about knowledge, the more you learn the better off you are. I have learned alot about dogs and different breeds just by logging in. I read what everybody posts and what I have learned I pass onto others. Thats how I feel about this site and I wouldn't have taken that the wrong way. That is also the reason I don't go to dog parks, but to each there own.
  7. Some people ask me if my Weim is a different coloured Lab. My boyfriends sister has labs and I don't see that at all.
  8. very stupid. There must not have been anything more interesting that day.
  9. At petsmart.com they have some kind of doulbe sided tape that doesn't hurt your furniture but stops the cat. Cats hate tape.
  10. Colby was in my lap all the time at first but now she only climbs on me when we are playing or she wants to see whats happening on my side of the car. She loves to sit on chairs and couchs never sleeps on the floor.
  11. Can't wait to see pics. I wonder is he was the same size as Colby. Jeff's families nickname for her is "Stilts" because shes not getting wider just taller. They are great dogs, you will have so much fun. The wolboly point is the cutest. :D
  12. Salt and pepper shakers would be so funny. They could be a toothbrush and toothpaste, pen and pencil, knife and fork, Sonny and Cher, SImon and Garfunkle. I could go on forever..... :fadein:
  13. O.K. I have some more ideas. I just needed to go for a walk and brainstorm with Colby. Here are my ideas: Peter Pan & Captain Hook A devil & Angel A devil & Ghost Cowboy & Indian Tazmania devil or the Men in Black dog, I think his name was Frank from the second movie Men in Black II. Hope these help.
  14. Excellent costumes.... What about Batman and Robin? Give me a moment and i'll think of more.
  15. I'll check those out. Thank-you.
  16. We are taking Colby up north this weekend. Is there anyway to stop the bugs from biting her?
  17. Go for Mercy or Holly. I'm still trying to get Ellieangel to change her vote.
  18. My boyfriend is worried that or weim only likes me (can't blame her!!). She comes when I call her and when she gets scared she comes to me. I think its just she's soo used to me, he works long hours in the summer and hardly works in the winter so it will get better for him. I think I just bonded with her more earlier. SHe's no longer a cuddle dog, she just wants to be in the same room.
  19. Colby will go in the bathtub but through the whole bathing process she's as stiff as a board. SHe will not move or try to get out she just stays still until its over. I try to do it when she's tired.
  20. thanks for the adivse Cassie. Right now the potting soil is safe, we have a towel wrapped aroud that and I am going to try to train her the way your friend did. There will be a big training session starting this weekend. Wish me luck.
  21. Yeah pick Mercy. Come one Ellieangel give into the name "Mercy"
  22. Cody sounds like a wonderful dog. Have fun shopping!
  23. I did Colby's name and it was so true. Thanks for posting this I am going to share it with other people. :D
  24. I read the fine print Rosebud :D It's true. I log in at work and now at home all the time. I even repeat peoples sign in names to my boyfriend he looks at me funny. Everyone should join, its nice to have conversations with different people.
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