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  1. We started doing Halloween and Colby is my model for the pictures. She loves them.
  2. Great Idea and Welcome. I have some material leftover so if you need any let me know. Sheltielover: Great signature and congrats on your baby :D
  3. I'm in too. I would like to light 2 candles one for Hanna and one for Luke. I will fast in honor of both their memories. Great idea!!
  4. Hello Everyone, I am making Dog Bandanas as a fundraiser for various animal organizations. The current fundraiser is for Seeing Eye Dogs. The bandanas will come in different patterens, types of materials and I will even personalize your bandana with your dogs name on it. I am just starting to make these now so if anyone would like to purchase a particular pattern or have any ideas please let me know. This will be a ongoing fundraiser and every month a new animal charity will be featured. Again please let me know of any ideas you may have.
  5. If I was the mother of the boys I would go over and kill one of his cattle claiming it was harrassing my dog to go over there. Poor Luke and those boys :(
  6. That place looks amazing. Finally a place that is for dogs and your owner can tag along. I'll have to save up for that and its a 13 hour drive from here.
  7. On petfinder.org there was a Beagle mixed with a Great Dane. It looked so funny because it had the beagle colours, with really long legs. I tried to find a picture but he must have been adopted. There is a cute Dobe mixed with a Rottie they she's beautiful.
  8. My aunt just put womens underwear on her dogs. Looked funny but nothing ever happened. Good Lock
  9. Activity level and coat. Stuff like that. I have to call for more information.
  10. Have fun, take tons of pictures. I want to start Colby in agility so if you see any Weims let me know. :D
  11. You could name her Jackie. For some reason I like that for a Jack Russel. I have a huge list at home with names, I should bring that stuff to work with me. Here are some for a girl..... Jackie (like I mentioned before). Jewel Charley Bradie Brandie Lexie Lexus Indy - for the Molson Indy because the cars are fast Can't think of anymore. I guess I have to think about work stuff now :roll:
  12. Samething happened to Colby. Too many liver treats :-?
  13. [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0RAANA2gUR8ICCiJT4uZ6reQorRIYn2kMFNwF5T5qdxCSz22WKUnwUpEH990wRQPkp4!RpFL0*Qty2FCcUNIEkLNs9nz8jxxiequsPzK4YbQ/WeinerDog1.jpg?dc=4675435209635729805[/img]
  14. I don't know why they didn't work. Just a second. I'll fix them. :oops:
  15. Here are some cute pictures my friend sent me to ease my bordem at work. [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0QQDEAjETdHLcOH7L2as!NzJqONQJOLR6U11W3hD0ZbGL7HGjOrb0hLELV9UdJ0sB91BUYepOJ1np4v2DyV21cdvF74QmZXP4CLbyzc6noYg/ggaww01.jpg?dc=4675435192780103610[/img] [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0QQAkAzITrXLcOH7L2as!N4uavcVC8EIuNGiAhvGSPpjLx2gfDofXwWz9E6SxeH46sr2Jd*27cEa6kOCh3!nhSQbSxL!e3JfMCrEwUZTuME0/ggaww02.jpg?dc=4675435192854322235[/img] [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0QQDOAjUTWHPcOH7L2as!NwcYpUSLBTHkrqmhy73zW01e7J2cQl3cqJcPB75RgQXrr1gaIEoFA9s1JTqWzatznO1fOt0HdpfxW3QZFOZ9HH0/ggaww05.jpg?dc=4675435192939574155[/img] [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0SADOAl8W!EjwRTcwRKTpqYr0u48*B2gjIqyoJHFPYdWymty061wew7vnqaSQ5rgjFwm8iMtfbMH4sjgH!CLyzQRfHwqu8EtDKxukWw4gEao*AAAApHJTAg/Rottiexpress_1.jpg?dc=4675435192979619157[/img] Enjoy :D
  16. I agree. I think you should wait and if you get a boy I love it when people name it Jack. I have hundreds of suggestions for names. I would be happy to suggest some.
  17. They were very happy to get the last bag. I would rather give it to them anyway. I am going to use the grated cheese idea for now. Actually she has an upset stomach and she is going to get boiled hamburger and white rice to help her get regular. I found a place called Bone Appetit and they are in the same city as me and they make the BARF Diet for you and special for your dog breed etc. so I e-mailed them looking for prices and information. Maybe I could start that after her stomach gets a bit better.
  18. Thanks Aroura. I am going to check the web for recipies. :D :D :D :D
  19. O.k. What do you feed your dogs? I may have asked this before but I am nervous about feeding raw meat to Colby.
  20. SHe is not interested in her kibble at all. I tryed it with warm water (they say that is like a stew) ans even with some raw carrots and she didn't care. This may be another big bag of food donated to our local animal shelter. I'll have to do some research on raw diet. Has anyone read "Give your dog a bone"? I keep hearing good reviews.
  21. o.k. I wanted to know that. I'll start her on a raw diet after her kibble is gone. Thanks :D
  22. She is on Hills perscription for large breed. We get it from the vet but i'm not sure she likes it. SHe had a problem with Pro Plan. I just want to give her a little to make it more exciting. She has lots of energy and she gets a good run everyday, about 30 mins off leash in a school yard. SO maybe the extra protein will be good for her. I hate giving her just kibble.
  23. I am going to try with Colby but I don't think my boyfriend will let me. He thinks its mean. He's not into all of that stuff, I love it.
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