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  1. I know. How does it go? Can't live with them, can't live without them.....
  2. I will be right back. I need a tea so bad.
  3. me too. I think we might have a name. Unless Jeff (my boyfriend) changes his mind again.
  4. I don't want anything that starts with "A" for no bad reason. I have her signed up for puppy school too now.
  5. Thats her moms name. Ripley's growing on me....
  6. Thank-you. I'm going to specialize in dogs.
  7. She is very nice. I love dogs so much that I am going back to school to be a Animal Heath Aid.
  8. Sometimes it works. The site is funny that way.
  9. I did alot of research on breeders here in Ontario before we picked this one. I liked that she wanted to meet us first rather then fill out a questionaire. Anybody could lie on a questionaire but you can't face to face.
  10. So do I. You can see what she will look like the website is: [url]http://winokaweims.tripod.com/winoka/[/url] I haven't been on that site for awhile but the puppy on the front page is the mother.
  11. I did see your posts. I am going to go back and check. My boyfriend is so picky. He doesn't want anything too girly and he keeps picking more male names. We have a few that we kind of agree on like Ripley, Murphy, Carson and Easton.
  12. I'm fine. Getting excited for the new puppy. Have almost everything ready but I feel like I'm missing something.
  13. Wow, Can't possibly be bored now! :bluepaw:
  14. Siren sounds cool. We had Denver and Carson as ideas too. My boyfriend is very picky with names! :roll:
  15. hello? I'm here. Not mudh happening for ma at work today. Whats new? :D
  16. She's a mousey gray colour with big floppy ears. She looks like velvet to me.
  17. How do you post a picture anyway? :angel:
  18. We pick her up soon and I will post a picture but I would like to name her first. She's really cute.... :oops:
  19. We just bought a Weimaraner and she is the cutest little girl but the problem is that we have no name for her. Does anyone have any suggestions? :D
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