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  1. I think so. I only have 15 mins left of work then I am going to have to log-off. I don't want to. I have to get a computer at home.
  2. We had a holiday yesterday, it was Queen Victoria's birthday and there are always fireworks. My neighbours dogs always howl everytime they hear fireworks. So it was loud until 11:30pm last night.
  3. I'm not sure kind of dogs are apartment dogs, I always thought you could have any dog in a aprtment aslong as you exercise them enough so they will be happy.
  4. hmmmm. I'll suggest the Sheltie breed to her anyway, they are cute.
  5. How big do they get? My friend wants a smaller dog and she lives in an apartment. I was going to suggest a Sheltie to her but I wanted your opinion first.
  6. have you ever had any other breed then a sheltie?
  7. Yeah, she gave the drugs to me. Oh well. Maybe I just need some sleep.
  8. I haven't had on in awhile too but the last 3 months they have been going from left ear to right ear almost weekly. I have been on 4 different types of drugs. Nothings working.
  9. Does anyone know how to get rid of a earache?
  10. Hello... What an interesting lunch that was. My parents dog decided he was going to go swimming. It is cold and rainy here and not to meantion I am not dressed properly to chase him. So my dress pants are wet and has little yellow hairs everywhere (Golden Ret.) He is so silly!
  11. I am going to go for my lunch now. I will be back soon, I hope you guys are still her when I get back!
  12. Well, if I figure out how to post them you will see her for sure.
  13. I love puppy pictures. Today I am going to get the pictures I took of my puppy when she was 4 weeks old.
  14. I agree we shouldn't talk about dinner, I haven't started lunch yet. :bigcry:
  15. Your time says it's 5:46pm. Is that true? For me it's only 12:44pm.
  16. Well this is more exciting then work!
  17. Animals are very good stress relievers.
  18. Wow I see that I am at regular status. This is fun, the last discussion site I belonged to never talked. Pretty boring there.
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