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  1. [color=darkblue][/color] Hi everyone! Haven't been around much, and wanted to stop in and say hello! I wish I had more time for all of my groups. :( Hope all is going well for everyone, and that all doggies are healthy and happy! :D
  2. Hey all, we will be pulling out tomorrow morning around 9 for a 1000 mile trip home for the Holidays!! I will miss you all so much, as you can tell I am not good at 'leaving you', lmbo!!!!!! I will be returning around Feb. 3rd....but will have internet access so I'll try to pop in and say hello sometime!! Here it is, 12:30 am, and I am still wrapping presents, baking holiday goodies, packing, etc etc. Oh my aching back!! LOL However, I am thankful to have all of those tasks to do....we are so looking forward to seeing our family!! I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and may the Spirit of the season find His way into your hearts and homes!!!! ((((((hugs))))) PS....Thank you to all who have replied to my recent posts! I am sorry I have not had time to get back to you all on them...just so busy trying to get ready to leave. (((hugs)))
  3. So, Sugar knows she is not allowed to walk over the gate....we are now able to just lay it in the door way and she will stay in the kitchen, easier for us and the kids to not have to climb over it, lol.......so today my son puts the gate down across the door and proceeds to go down to the basement to watch cartoons. I am resting in my bed. I hear Sugars toes clicking in the kitchen, then I hear her stepping on the gate, then silence...and I KNOW her and she was probably looking around for me, lol. Then I hear her go back into the kitchen, a few seconds go by and I hear her stepping on the gate again. And then, ever so slowly and quietly, I hear our floor creaking down the hallway, and then I see Sugar peak just enough of her head in to look around in my bedroom. She didn't see me, so she sneaks over to my side of the bed to look for me. Still didn't notice me, so she walks extremely slowly and hunkered down to the other side of the bed...still didn't see me, as I was hiding from her, lmbo!, then she proceeds to the end of the bed and put her front paws on the bed to get a better look (she KNOWS she is not allowed on the bed!!!!). So then I move the covers and let her see my face and give her a huge grin. That was all it took for her to jump up on the bed with me! LOL I ignored her and 'hid' again, she nudged me a bit, but then laid down nicely and went to sleep curled up next to me. LOLOL Darn that dog was hilarious! The way she scoped the whole scene out before she made her move...and to go soooo slowly and creap really low to the ground! I just couldn't believe how sneaky she was being! It was adorable to say the least! LOL But after a short 10 minutes, I heard the garage door open and I told her 'Hurry Sugar, KITCHEN' and she bolted in there.......because dh was home and he does not like her on our bed at all! LOLOL He also has allergies.....ooops! What can I say, I love the darn dog! LOL
  4. I still don't know how to post pics here, so I am posting the link, lol! Sorry, no photo of Sugar though. :( [url]http://groups.msn.com/pitbullsandbreedspecificlegislation/general.msnw?action=get_message&mview=0&ID_Message=39504&LastModified=4675451621835551015[/url]
  5. Thank you for your reply. :angel: Yes, she does like animals. However, she doesn't seem to 'attach' to them, and she angers quickly if she is asked to take the dog out/feed the dog/etc and says she hates him. :( My mom is able to keep Chance as an outside dog, but she just doesn't want to do this to him. Tonight she seemed to be thinking more about it, but I just don't think a golden would like being outside that much. I like for all dogs to be inside, lol, where they are part of the family. The breeder is not a 'responsible' breeder, and will not be helping with the situation. So, I am going to hunker down and get to work on speaking with people interested in Chance. Wish me luck!! Also, they live near Watertown, SD.....how far is that from you?
  6. AN UPDATE AS OF TODAY: My mom has found out who the breeder was. She does not know if my sister had a contract with the breeder...as to the dog has to go back to the breeder, etc. So, she is going to call the breeder and talk to her about the situation. I am waiting on that before I go any further. Luckily, I have had several intersted parties, so we should be able to find Chance a good home if the breeder is unable to!! The only thing with the breeder is that she keeps her dogs outside, and Chance is an inside dog. My mom does not want him to be outside like the breeders other dogs.......I am crossing my fingers that something works out. My mom can keep the dog for another week so it may be that the breeder will find the dog a home but Chance will stay with my mom until then. Thank again for everyones help and interest!!! Hopefully I will have good news soon!
  7. Because I am pressed for time, and this is so very personal, I do not want to go into all details here. However, I am looking to find a FOREVER, LOVING, CARING, GENTLE, ADORING, INSIDE home for my moms 6 month old purebred golden retriever named Chance. My mom is ill, she should not have taken the dog in the first place, but that is neither here nor there at the moment. With her health, her 12 year old daughter recently diagnosed with bi polar disorder and their moving, they are unable to keep Chance. I cannot stress to you enough how heart breaking this is for my mom, as that dog was so very good for her and so theraputic for her mental condition, as well as good for her health and getting her up and out of bed in the morning. Chance is up to date on all shots and has been neutred. From my understanding, he is housetrained (but I would not trust him alone yet as he is only 6 months old, lol!), crate trained and has some manners. She has been using the gentle leader on him for walks due to her low strength and carrying an oxygen tank along also. He responds wonderfully to the gentle leader. He has been around small kittens and other dogs, and has had no problems. He is a very loving, loyal dog. My mom tells me that he adores her friend, Steve, and often paces by the door for a few minutes after he leaves.....so I don't know if that is just because he is so attached to Steve or if Chance has 'seperation' issues. Chance loves his toys and knows them quite well. He is such a beautiful guy! Chance has the 'red' coat of a golden....just gorgeous! I may already have two people lined up to take him......one in Canada and the other near Atlanta. But even in those cases, we would have to look into transportation issues. And they would need to fill out an adoption application and so forth.......this dog is well loved and we do not want to give him to just 'anyone'. It is breaking my moms heart, and it would kill her if she ever found out Chance did not go to a loving home who has made him the center of their attention. There will be an adoption fee for Chance, but some of this could possibly be used for transportation costs depending on the situation. The fee is 'normal' in amount....and will be discussed with serious inquires as this should not be an issue when finding the perfect home for Chance. As you can probably tell, this dog is loved and we want only the BEST for him. I know all of the 'talk' of 'a dog should never have to be rehomed', so please do not say it.......this is extremely hard on my mom. I forwarned her when she was first talking about taking Chance in that she shouldn't, but as you can see she didn't listen and now the inevitable has come. But my mom felt a connection with the dog...and she wanted to help him, as he was another one of my sisters 'prize' collections that got tossed aside literally FOUR DAYS after she brought him home at the age of 8 weeks. So, even though it was not a good situation for my mom to be getting a dog, she was doing a good deed when taking him and removing him from an unhappy situation. Life is so difficult sometimes. If anyone has any thoughts or ideas, please feel free to let me know!!!! I am going to talk more with the other two possible homes....but need to know what questions I should ask, etc. Does anyone have an adoption application I could email them? Thank you all for reading this and caring!!! (((((hugs)))) By the way, Chance is in SD.....
  8. K...you are such a sweetie!!! And so very right! Annismom...I am sorry to hear your health is not the best right now. I do hope all goes well for you. Hang in there ok?!! ((((hugs)))) You sound like such a responsible pet owner..wanting to meet a few times to make sure all goes well! I am so happy! Good on you for being so responsible and caring! God Bless! :angel:
  9. Awww, guys, I sure hope you can work it out! Elan...is it possible for annismom to come over and meet Baby this weekend, provided it works out for the both of you.....and if all goes well, maybe you two can keep in touch and get together once or twice a week so that annismom can get to know Baby...and let anni get to know Baby too! It just seems as though you two were meant to be...you live so close by eachother and all! LOL I am not trying to stick my nose where it doesn't belong...just trying to help. I know you both are busy, and annismom is anxious to meet her potential new doggie!! ((((hugs))))) to you both, hang in there!! :)
  10. LOL, that was me...guest. Annismom, are you still interested in Baby? I know Elan was sick so you were not able to get together...sorry about that!! I sure hope you two can work out a time to meet. And I hope you fall in love with Baby!!!! From what I understand Baby needs to be fixed before she can go to another home...and that will be $200. Right now I think I heard a few donations have been made. And I know Elan has tried all possible rescues to help her out and they have turned her down. Ugggghhh. I am soooooo hoping you two can work something out!!!!!! Please let us know if you two get to meet...and if you like Baby!!! (((((hugs))))))
  11. Hi Anni's mom.......how wonderful that you are interested in Baby!!!! I have asked her foster to stop in and check this thread out...so hopefully she will post something to ya! HERE IS AN UPDATE AS OF TONIGHT ON BABY!!!! [url]http://groups.msn.com/pitbullsandbreedspecificlegislation/general.msnw?action=get_message&mview=0&ID_Message=38247&LastModified=4675448306534217738[/url]
  12. Aww, I'm sorry!!! Nice to hear he is in good spirits about it though. Maybe he can nicely say 'I love dogs too---but someone else may not so it may be a good idea to get a box. Also, while we are on the subject, I hate to ask, because I am sure he has his shots...but for my peace of mind I would really like to see his rabies tag so I know whether or not to go see a Doctor...I am not mad or anything....just want the peace of mind, ya know?'........maybe something along that line? LOL Good luck! Let us know how it goes ok!
  13. Jackie....thank you for your post!!!! How great that she is in Minneapolis and is interested in Baby! **shyly saying this** I really want Baby to go to the best home that will give her the love she so deserves. So you will understand if I would have lots of questions for her prospective forever home...right? LOL Let me get in contact with the lady picking Baby up tomorrow and tell her she may be interested in coming to see her sometime. Right now, the foster wants to get her fixed before she adopts her out...but the vet will not do that for a month since she just had pups. So, it will be atleast that long until she is ready. But I would bet that the foster would love to meet her and see how all goes!!!! I would LOVE to see Baby get a forever home!!!! How great that she is intersted! I'll see if Elan (the foster) will stop by this thread....and if all parties are serious, we can talk more indepth! Thank you so much for caring about Baby---wouldn't it be great if this worked out!!!!! ((((((hugs))))
  14. Update: All is still going as planned and a foster will be picking Baby up this Saturday morning! I do hope it works out!! Anni's mom (guest).....feel free to post your questions here, I check in nearly everyday! Are you near MN?
  15. Oh, how sad! Is there any way you can move to a place that WILL allow you to keep him?? I will crosspost this and see if anyone can help.....
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