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  1. AussieLover

    Disgusting New Habbit

    Heck Dakota my 5 month old Aussie, won't bother me with the humping thing, but when he is around my husband he humps my husband like crazy so my hubby will just hip bump him as if to play with him and he stops. But it is very funny to watch!!
  2. AussieLover

    Pet shop closed!!!!

    I have never myself seen where the puppies are at my boss's are the ones that pick them up and they say that they do not buy from puppy mills. All of our dogs have papers and we do not get them for cheap either they are full blooded dogs. The stuff I have seen on puppy mills the dogs are usually not healthy and they are malnutritioned and dirty, our puppies come in and they are always clean. We don't always buy from the Amish, we have some reputable breeders that we buy from too. We have had some problems with people giving us puppies that are supposed to have their first shots and it turns out they don't we had a litter of Chihuahua's die on us from Parvo but it wasn't our fault they had it before we got them. I don't know, I work there for the money and I like animals so, I have four cats and three dogs plus two fish tanks and 120 gallon pond outside. I am just an animal lover at heart and will be till the day I die!!
  3. AussieLover

    Puppy mouths when you try to pet him.

    Well here is an update on how my now 5 month old Aussie is doing on the mouthing thing, he no longer bites you when you pet him and when I pet him he like puts his mouth around my arm but he don't bite down, it looks like it is some kind of security thing or something. He don't hurt me so I don't yell at him for it. He is getting to be a big boy. And he is spoiled too!!
  4. AussieLover

    Need help with jumping

    My 18 week old Australian Shepherd is a very good dog. But everytime anyone walks up to him he wants to jump. I need help on how to get him to stop doing this. He has very sharp nails and has done some damage with them. Plus if he is outside he gets dirty and the jumps up and gets who ever he jumps on dirty too. If anyone has any suggestions let me know.
  5. AussieLover

    Puppy mouths when you try to pet him.

    When I am petting him and he does it with me i yell NO at him and then sometimes I wil grab his mouth and hold it closed, my sister did that with her Pit Bull when he was a pup and it worked. Most of the time when I yell NO he stops but the kids just don't have a firm enough voice to phase him into stopping. He isn't as bad now but he still does it but like I said he is only 12 weeks old.
  6. AussieLover

    Puppy mouths when you try to pet him.

    My 12 week old Australian Shepherd bites you when you are petting him, I know it is just to play but he has some sharp little teeth. What are some suggestions on how to get him to stop. I know he is teething and won't really stop until he is like 4 months old but my kids try to pet him and he bites them. HELP!!
  7. AussieLover

    New Puppy - NEED ADVICE, Please!

    i have a male Australian Shepherd and he was fixed at 7 weeks. it is called an early neuter. And yes the sooner the better. Before they learn all those nasty habits. As for the pooping outside my aussie won't go right when he goes outside so I walk him around a bit and he goes everytime. He is only 12 weeks old and is pretty much housebroke. There are some times when he still has accidents but more often than not he goes outside. I also use a crate for him and he has done very well in it.
  8. AussieLover

    BLACK Aussie?!

    I'm sorry to hear about you losing your aussie, I want to teach mine to do frisbee. And maybe a little bit of agility or something. But right now he is just a little thing so I have to wait till he gets older so I don't mess up his legs. And he is spoiled rotten but oh well he is my :lilangel: