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  1. Fingers and paws crossed for you all. :angel:
  2. Malamum well that's the thing- the kids, the TODDLERS might I add, were ON THE GROUND where about a dozen dogs were playing, chasing each other, etc. What sort of mother leaves her kids on the ground in front of a pack of very excited dogs she doesn't know?? Peeing on the kid's head was probably the least harmful thing BK could have done. :-? He did another funny thing today (actually he's done this a few times). He went to the park for his morning walk and was so excited he peed and pooed at the same time. :oops: :oops: :lol:
  3. Yeah the old Blitz is a bit weird. When Rinny was alive we used to take them out together and if Rinny was in the way while Blitz was trying to pee on a tree, then Rinny got hit with the pee. BK must have just been really, REALLY excited because he's never done anything like that when I've taken him out to the dog parks. My aunt's Beagle peed on my leg when I was about 10- at the time I thought it was gross but funny.
  4. Like fine wine, BK gets better with age. (He's 10 this year.) His latest antics were at the park on Tuesday night. Dad took BK along for a while and he was playing with all the other dogs generally having a gay old time, and there was a Lab puppy there who was probably a bit too small to deal with all the boisterousness, so his owner left. Then Dad left and ended up meeting up with the Lab owner again at the other end of the park, who said to him, "oh were those dogs too rough for your dog too?" (If BK was any tougher he'd rust.) Then the owner proceeded to tell him that the "gentle" dogs (Labs, Goldens) met up at 5pm in the park after the "rough" dogs had gone home. So on Tuesday Dad took BK to the park at that time and sure enough it was Labville. BK got so excited that he peed on a dog's head while at the drinking bowl, and another dog's head near a tree, but the one that took the cake was when he bounded over to a toddler and peed on her head. I wish I had been there with a camera!!! Everyone was most amused except the mother of the child. I'd like to wager that BK's pee is way more sterile than the grass in the park. :lol:
  5. Haha doesn't the vet know you rescued Laurel in the first place? Retard. That's why he deals with animals, because he doesn't have the bedside manner to deal with people!!! Hugs Court. :angel:
  6. OMG I just realised it let me post the C-word! (cat)
  7. [url]http://www.saynotoanimalsinpetshops.com/[/url] If you click on the left hand toolbar there's a petition to ban the selling of pets in pet shops in australia. Please think about signing this. I don't know what the figure is for puppies, but 2 out of 3 kittens (or 3 out of 4 litters) are put down, simply because there are too many. And that's in shelters alone, which surely includes discarded pet shop pets and fails to take into account the number of feral cats we have and also the people who destroy cats and litters by drowning them or worse. Thank you! :)
  8. [quote name='Pumpkin the musher'] Dream on, city folk. Dream on.....[/quote] Rub it in, why don't ya? :lol:
  9. [quote name='Jessashelony']*Applauds Cournek* Awesome post court... I agree 100%[/quote] sometimes I think I want to marry Court... :oops: :lol: pzoo: whatever you decide I will support you. There are good arguments all round for the number of options discussed (the ones that do not resort to childish nastiness).
  10. Sending positive thoughts... :angel:
  11. Yay! That is great, Courtnek. Thanks very much. :D
  12. I have emailed and crossposted this... anyone who wishes to send an email to the minister I will love forever... Dear All, I do not know many of you are interested in this, nor do I care :). Please look at the email I am planning to send to the QLD Minister and write one yourself to him (copy mine if you think it's any good), or to other ministers in other states. I am in kickass animal defender mode and my aim is to try to get as many people to think about the recent spate of kitten torture attacks in australia (that is, the ones that have made it to the media), the latest being in QLD, hence why I am writing to him instead of the Vic minister, and campaign for legislative reform. If you like (I didn't touch on these issues) in your own replies (please send them!!) crap on about juvenile offenders getting off easy because of their age, the importance of desexing your pets, etc etc. Even something short and concise would be appreciated for those of you in foreign lands. Oh and pass it on to your friends... please. We all did it a couple of years ago with the loophole as regards eating dog and [email protected] in Vic- that legislation has been turned over- and all because of emails and community outrage. Same thing for the kitten-torturing soldiers last year- the police appealed against the leniency of the sentence on strength of us mad as hell human beings. We can turn this around if we try. I would be extremely grateful if at least you took the time to look at the email I sent this guy and and think about those poor animals who do not have the wherewithal to fight against any damage inflicted upon them. When I am a hotshot lawyer I might have more sway or at least more ideas on what to do, but for now as a student I am doing my best to get people thinking about these issues. It is hard when there is so much other sh*t going on in the world to get annoyed about, but this is my thing and possibly my career. Humour me. Jane. The guy's name is Henry Palaszczuk and his dept is the dept of primary industries. email is [email][email protected][/email] For nerds like yours truly, the legislation can be checked out here: [url]http://www.dpi.qld.gov.au/animalwelfare/[/url] Dear Minister, I write to you as a very concerned citizen in relation to the latest publicised animal cruelty offences in Rockhampton. I presume you are aware of the details, but I shall recant them for you briefly. Five kittens were garroted and dumped in a sack near an op shop. Four were dead and the fifth had to be euthanased. This cowardly act is but the latest in a series of widely publicised attacks on kittens, which began two weeks ago with the stoning and kicking of an eight-week old kitten at a Sydney railway station. It is feared the following barbaric acts were, and I do not mean to pun, "copycats". The perpetrators of the animal cruelty have so far been teenagers. As your Department covers animal welfare, I have no doubt you are aware that there are proven links between cruelty to animals as a young person, and later cruelty towards humans. This is one of the reasons I ask you to push for legislative reform as regards the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001 (Qld). Section 18 of the Act sets out the *maximum* penalty as 1000 penalty units or 2 years imprisonment. This is pitiable and I am willing to bet, if I were to research the court history of animal welfare charges against convictions, and later the actual punishment meted out, such punishment would amount to less than the proverbial slap on the wrist. You will recall the torture of kittens by Australian soldiers in your State last year, and how their relatively light punishment has set a terrible precedent regarding animal cruelty. Section 182 (1) states that the court *may* order the disposal or forfeiture of any other animal the persons convicted of an animal welfare offence owns, the animal that was the subject of the offence, or anything the court considers is likely to be used in committing a further animal welfare offence. The use of the word "may" gives too much leeway to the offenders. I suggest this is replaced with the word "must", which logically can be interpreted as the court having no alternative but to order the forfeiture of the animal or animals of the convicted person. Section 183 states that again, the court *may* order the person convicted to be prohibited from buying or acquiring another animal. Again, I suggest changing "may" to "must", in order to achieve the same objective. Section 185 gives the court leeway for mitigating factors to this already very tenuously worded legislation. I suggest that there be no option for broad interpretation as regards disposal or prohibition orders. Any animal welfare offence serious enough to even make it to court should not have anything like ss 185 (2) (a-d) as having being needed to take into consideration for these orders. Section 187 as regards punishment to a person contravening a prohibition order is also laughable. Section 188 (Review of certain prohibition orders) should be abolished. In my opinion anyone that has been convicted of an animal cruelty offence should never be allowed to own an animal again. I am well aware that there are issues which could be regarded as much more serious and immediate to human society that may be taking up your valuable time, but I beg you to seriously consider legislative change. Take some time to visit the victims of animal cruelty at the numerous animal shelters scattered across Queensland. Those who have no voice cannot speak, and it is up to us to speak for them.
  13. Awww Kat. Sending positive thoughts your way :angel:
  14. Congratulations! Are you going to use her or the puppies for work at all? :)
  15. I'm so sorry... Treasure these last special weeks with Bongo and give him a kiss from me :angel:
  16. Oooh nasty, poor dog :( We have a paper shreddder that the cats like to sit on so I am paranoid about making sure it's off at the point. :-?
  17. Izzy, I'm so sorry... at least Tabatha is free of pain now... rest in peace girlie :angel:
  18. I'm so sorry about Gemma. RIP little girl. :angel:
  19. I don't know if I'd own another heeler. As much as I worship the ground BK walks on, he was hell on four legs for the first eight years of his life. He really should have been a farm or working dog. :-? I'm not into little dogs as a general rule, so I probably wouldn't own anything smaller than a Lab. A lot of my potential owning of a dog depends on what I do when I finish uni. I plan to work overseas so there is no way in hell I will get a dog of my own until I'm a lot older and settled somewhere. And when I am working, I envisage it will take up the majority of my time- so to get a high-energy dog just to leave it in the backyard for fourteen hours a day is not fair. Heh. Maybe I'll stick with *gasp* cats. :evilbat:
  20. *sigh* he's ok... now. Well, he's still a bit torn up but better than he was, apparently. This happened a week ago and I only found out a few hours ago (if anyone doesn't remember, he lives with my dad). I am pissed off that Dad didn't tell me, because I have spoken to him this week about unrelated matters, and he didn't bring it up at all, but anyway, to the fight. BK was being walked off lead down at the local park. He ran off to the on-lead area before anyone could stop him and went up to a bull terrier that was on-lead. As Dad told my sister who told me, the other dog just ripped into him without warning. Dad's fault for not having him on lead, not being able to control him, etc etc, but it must have been very quick. I've never had a *major* problem with BK and other dogs in all these years, certainly not to the point where he's doing any serious fighting, so whether this dog was just super-nasty or what, I don't know. I am a bit annoyed that he wasn't on-lead but I wasn't there, so I'm just reiterating what was told to me. So he has a couple of puncture holes in his side (they are pretty nasty according to my sister), he's limping, and the vet said he might be a bit funny around other dogs from now on- but he was fine with Lizie tonight, apparently. Anyway. I've been too busy to post and read much and even see my dog (otherwise I wouldn't have had to have found out secondhand information about him), but that's the story. :-?
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