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please someone help me this is making my life hell :0( :0(


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i dont know what to do,

for the past 2/3 weeks we've been fiting fleas, our carpets in our rented house are the worst as they are really old and dark (navy blue!) great!

we treated my boyf dog with frontline 2 weeks ago, but he's still itchin, and strachin, does this mean it isnt workng?

we took him 2 x2 vets who didnt have a clue, they couldnt even tell whether he had them or not still.

hes due a haircut this thurs, but do i buy advocate ( a different brand thats supposed 2 be better?) and put that on him before his haricut or after (as it takes 24 hrs to work)

Please Advise?

WHY would FRONTLINe not work? i find this hard to believe!!???

He is a black standard poddle, with thick thick hair is this why?

i feel like leaving,the house, seriously i cant live like this its inferefing with my work and my life.:oops:

ppl have said try flea powder, spray, hoovering, weve done that, i spray all the time, hoover. still there.

i want to get a fumigatro in but our house has alot of junk as in boxes , tv cabinets, how are we spose to clear everything like a brand new house? its impossible! we cant get the guy in til there is carpet space,

do i have to wait til this is done? its been 2 actually 3 weeks i think, i cant stand it anymore :0( :0( :0( :0( :0(

i want to leave. what can i do?

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We will hang in there together I guess, I have been battling them for a while. We just got a puppy last week but had a kitty before that, our apartment complex seems to be over run with fleas from the mas amount of pets in the area and drastic change in temperature's. The only advice I might be able to give because it does seem to be getting a bit better in the house is "constantly" vacuum...like a mad woman...lol...it also helps with the stress! And I have been doing allot of research, try not to switch from frontline, the more you switch flea treatments the less affective the treatments will be, I would stay with the one you have. Plus cut down on the amount of bathing you do on your K9 pal, and when you first start the frontline treatment they say if infestation is really bad it will not hurt if you apply again in another month from initial treatment date, just make sure that you have the right frontline for the weight of your dog that might be the problem as well. And just a disclaimer the information I just gave you was research I did for my little fella Zeus on the internet, I am under no way shape or form a professional just wanna try and help ya!:)

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[B]Just wondering how goes the battle? We are using the frontline on Zeus and it seems to be working. The fleas that were on him are slowly but surely dieing and any that have been getting on him are to. We also keep on vacuuming and empty out the vacuum each time and remove it from the apartment. But he is a very happy little puppy now, the only itching is at his new collar, lol. We even see the difference on his belly when he is on his back. His tummy use to be completely over run now we may see one or two, and they are really sluggish and obviously close to death. The last time we gave him a bath before we applied the treatment, we didn't use any shampoo at all we took him to the bathroom and used the power sprayer on him and got them off with just water. He liked it, it was a super itcher, lol his foot started thumpin...:smile: [/B]

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I have had the same problem and the route to success I've had is to clean everything. Get rid of anything that can harbor fleas! This means boxes, sheets, bedding, junk, whatever and do a real good cleaning. Even renting or having a professional come in and clean. You need to get those little suckers out of there because they may have started with the dog but are now using you to feed on as well!

A professional pest removal service should also be consulted if this doesn't subside soon.

That's my 2 cents on that! Good luck!

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