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  1. help i dont know what to do, for the past 2/3 weeks we've been fiting fleas, our carpets in our rented house are the worst as they are really old and dark (navy blue!) great! we treated my boyf dog with frontline 2 weeks ago, but he's still itchin, and strachin, does this mean it isnt workng? we took him 2 x2 vets who didnt have a clue, they couldnt even tell whether he had them or not still. hes due a haircut this thurs, but do i buy advocate ( a different brand thats supposed 2 be better?) and put that on him before his haricut or after (as it takes 24 hrs to work) Please Advise? WHY would FRONTLINe not work? i find this hard to believe!!??? He is a black standard poddle, with thick thick hair is this why? i feel like leaving,the house, seriously i cant live like this its inferefing with my work and my life.:oops: ppl have said try flea powder, spray, hoovering, weve done that, i spray all the time, hoover. still there. i want to get a fumigatro in but our house has alot of junk as in boxes , tv cabinets, how are we spose to clear everything like a brand new house? its impossible! we cant get the guy in til there is carpet space, do i have to wait til this is done? its been 2 actually 3 weeks i think, i cant stand it anymore :0( :0( :0( :0( :0( i want to leave. what can i do?
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