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  1. Getting a Bully was the best pet investment I've made.. An expensive one but a great friend, loyal and loving and just as lazy as me! :lol: Good points were made by Shannon in regards to the issues that big dogs face: Another sad fact is that their life expectancy is much less than smaller dogs. Typically 7-12 years.. For anyone who does get one of these massive beasts or any dog that they have trouble with, check out barkbusters. They may or may not be in your neck of the woods, but they are a great resource to solving problems and teaching you how to deal with dogs on dogs terms. Good luck..
  2. Hello all... Been a great while since I've been postin' round here... I have a quick question: Anyone that has a short coated dog like a bullmastiff dog or vizla type coat (no undercoat); can you recommend a shampoo product that will not cause any dandruff and keep the coat shiny? Currently, I think due to my dogs diet, her coat stays nice and shiny. However, when bathed in the summer (which is more often), she tends to get dandruff and it seems to lose it's luster a bit. Is there a short-coated shampoo or something that will keep her looking good while also getting a lot of the dust and grime out? Thanks alot. Frustrated bully owner, Mike
  3. I found the brand that we are using now. It's called PERFORMATRIN Ultra. Ingredients: Chicken and Chicken Meal Whole Brown Rice Whole Barley and Oatmeal Whole Ground Flaxseed and Sunflower Oil Whole Fresh Sweet Potatoes and Corn (I'm getting hungry) Salmon Meal Whole Cranberries Whole apples and Blueberries Kelp Alfalfa, Spinach and Peas Danelion and Herbs Bacterial Cultures... This stuff is actually cheaper than the stuff we had her on (Royal Canin). We got our cat on it too... My wife found it, so I'm sure we'll be sticking with it until or if we find something better. The dog seems to like it alot too...
  4. I'm no pro, however, I think this might be due to his abandonment and perhaps experiences as a pup... A doggie behaviorist can really help with submissive peeing by determining what triggers it. Try having the pooch come to you while crouched and have it sit in front of you. Speak softly and don't be overly dominant. If it attempts to lick you without your permission, pull away and say "No" gently. If the dog attempts to come after you to lick, have it sit again. Practice the procedure of having him obey your commands in a non threatening pose and praise for him doing what you want him to do. If there is defiance don't reward. Make sure that you always lead. If your dog comes and wants a pat or rub or attention make him sit first. Once you're the leader, you can provide reward... Hope this helps.. again, a pro is much better at this but try and see what happens...
  5. Hi there... I found that anticipating and then correcting through voice commands or other distraction worked well with my Bullmastiff pup. The technique would be to wait and watch and just as the dog would attempt to 'mouth' your hand to "Rahhh! or Bahh" or some other loud booming noise. The dog behavior becomes interrupted and as a result you then have it's attention. Correct with a firm no! At that point give the dog a chew or bone and praise when it now mouth's it... That worked like magic for me... good luck!
  6. I have had the same problem and the route to success I've had is to clean everything. Get rid of anything that can harbor fleas! This means boxes, sheets, bedding, junk, whatever and do a real good cleaning. Even renting or having a professional come in and clean. You need to get those little suckers out of there because they may have started with the dog but are now using you to feed on as well! A professional pest removal service should also be consulted if this doesn't subside soon. That's my 2 cents on that! Good luck!
  7. Hey there, I don't think that earth worms are bad for a pup. Dogs by nature are scavengers (think wolves). I have actually had a dog behaviorist recommend spreading kibble in the back yard to prevent the dog from pooping in that area. (Dog's don't like eating near their poop/waste generally). The larger problem I think is allowing the pup to do this and create problems with your landlord. There are a good number of ebooks out there and or hard copies that can help you address this and many other problems. I like the book Good Owners, Great Dogs. It's written by a guy named Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson. Both extremely knowledgeable... You can find it for a great price on amazon or local book store. Good luck, Mike
  8. Those are beautiful pictures of your dogs... If you have the time check out my blog and perhaps you can upload some of them to show them off there as well!
  9. Any recommendations out there for a good healthy dog food? Additionally one that isn't extremely more expensive than a major common brand? I've recently switched from Iam's to Royal Canin to a brand my wife just picked up... I'm looking for something that will not contain anything that's going to be detrimental to my pooches health. She's a big dog as well, so if anyone can recommend something that comes in a bigger type kibble size that would be great..
  10. Hi there, I have a spayed 3 year old Bullmastiff named Payton. She has had some similiar encounters with dogs that have bit her and she went a bit nuts. I'd have to say though that it was isolated and not a simple act of aggression on it's own. My thoughts and experience with Payton on dog socialization is this: More is better. However, if she is doing this sort of thing and not responding to commands and simply attacking or not coming or whatever in that situation - perhaps it's time to either a> take her out on a lead and control him or b> have a dog behaviorist attend and get professional help. I have used a person from Barkbusters which helped quite a bit as she was aggressive with certain dogs and it helped immensely. (My blog actually tells a recent story of that - see Bullmastiff vs. German Shepherd). I would also get into as much reading as you can about dog behavior seeing as that is a great alternative to getting rid of a problem dog. Many times dogs from the humane society that have been ruled aggressive need special care and attention and eventually become more socialized... Take care and hope this helps...
  11. Hello all, Just looking into any information on starting a dog walking business. I have some experience having a giant bullmastiff, however, I'm wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction in actually taking the first steps. And or any pointers on how lucrative it is. Just FYI - I'm in Toronto, Ontario. Where the summers are HOT and winters are COLD. Any help would be great.
  12. Hi there, The dogs we use up here in Toronto, Ontario are German Shepherds and Springer spaniels. The shepherds are great dogs because of their strength, size and stamina. They are incredibly loyal and attentive to their handlers. The spaniel on the other hand is more of a specialty dog. Often times they are used for drug/explosive work.
  13. Hello all... I have a Big Female Bully and she's great. My neighbor however has a male and he's a bit aggressive when she's around his property. (Just simply walking by). I'm wondering if this is a territorial issue or if in fact it is a domination issue. Both are fixed so I'm not too sure if it's an issue related to mating... Thanks in advance for your help Mike [URL]http://www.bullmastiffdogblog.blogspot.com[/URL]
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