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Boycotting chinese goods against cruelty to animals.


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Dear friends on the list. I had this message on my private email from an Italian sheltie friend, which I will translate for you into English.
Please, send it to everybody you know, send it through other international or national smartgroup lists, if necessary translate it into your own language.
Thanks everybody who will give a little help to make people aware of this immense cruelty, that is happening just in front of everybody's eyes.

"if you follow the below link, you will get to the PETA (people for Ethical Treatment of Animals) web site, an international association that takes care of the rights of animals. Although it is of an enormous cruelty, please have a look at the video "China shocking dog and cat fur trade", in which is documented the awful thing done on dogs and cats in China in order to get the furs which will eventually go to the Western markets.
Who is promoting this campaign is the chain J.Crew, but ALL goods coming from China, with some fur in it is causing these bad treatments on animals.
PLEASE send this message to everybody you know, as much as possible, because we cannot ignore the fact that all this happens just in front of us.
Unfortunately I have watched this video too, and I just can't stop crying."

Se seguite il link sottostante arriverete al sito della Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), associazione internazionale per la tutela dei diritti degli animali. Anche se è di una crudeltà incommensurabile, vi invito a guardare il filmato "China's shocking dog and cat fur trade", nel quale è documentato il calvario subito da cani e gatti in cina al fine di ottenere le pellicce destinate al commercio occidentale.
Portabandiera di questa barbarie è la catena J.Crew, ma tutta la merce di provenienza cinese con applicazioni di pelliccia alimenta i maltrattamenti degli animali.
Vi prego di fare girare il più possibile questo messaggio perch

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I saw a news program on this when I was very young that was pretty traumatizing. I'm not going to watch the video but I trust it is very bad. The methods used to kill the animals is disgusting and my heart aches that such cruelty is committed whilst the animals stand there wagging their tails at their murderers. :(
If I'm understanding the letter correctly they want us to boycott all Chinese goods? That's very hard to do, so many things are imported from China. I already boycott things made with fur and I think that's a better solution. There should also be more publicity on this, I'm sure if the average person knew the animals were tortured in such a horrific manner they wouldn't buy products made with fur.

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Does anyone remember the "scandal" that one big coat-producing-firm was involved in a few years ago?
Apparently, they sold coats with a fur-trimmed hood. That fur was claimed to be "Mongolian Wolf" (or something similar) while in truth it was German Shepherd. :o :o (Either one I find disgusting.......... ) :evil:

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[quote]Does anyone remember the "scandal" that one big coat-producing-firm was involved in a few years ago?[/quote]

Was that the Burlington Coat Factory? They were caught up in a big scandal and boycott when it was heard that they were selling coats trimmed with dog fur several years back. There used to be a website with some pretty horrible photos that had been taken at the place that supplied Burlington with the fur.

Burlington sells shiny-y cheap clothing and I didn't shop there before I found out about this, and certainly never will now. I still ask friends not to shop there and tell them exactly why not to. I don't know if they are still selling the dead-dog-decorated clothing or not, but there isn't any way they can ever atone for doing that. :evil:

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