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Bangkok Street Dogs/Sponsoring Strays in Thailand


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Have a look- it's a blog written from the point of view of a stray dog in Bangkok. It's not written to make you cry and in fact it's quite humorous, but the sheer number of strays are sad enough:


And a link to sponsor a stray dog in Thailand (AUD$12 a month):

Everyone knows about the animal welfare organisations in their own countries and the problems with overpopulation that are prevalent everywhere, but the overwhelming number of strays in places like Delhi, Bangkok, parts of Indonesia etc are really horrible.

This link was posted on another forum (and the girl who posted it got flak for supposedly putting starving animals over starving children :roll:), so I thought I'd post it here just in case anyone's interested.

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The Thai King is my favourite monarch in the whole world - and I'm not even Thai.

He keeps a pack of rescued street dogs right in his palace! :D His favourites even follow him about - sometimes all the way to important meetings. He's well known for his kindness and compassion - both to his subjects and to dogs. Hell, there's even a book written about the King's "stray" dogs. :lol:

Anyway, because he's much loved, the Thais are quite kind to stray dogs. :D It also helps that most of the population there is Buddist - Buddist teachings preach kindness to all animals. :)

Not that they (the dogs) don't need help. :P

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