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Limited Pet Laws


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I don't see why there is a need for restricts on how many pets you can have. If you can provide everything they need, aren't neglected, have their shots, ect, I don't see the problem. Unless you're an animal collecter, some of your pets are malnurish, feces everywhere, ect. But like for example, people like that famous wrestler ''The Hulk'', all his pets (like 6 dogs, a cockatoo, and a rooster, they had more but due to the law, had to give them away) were properly taken care for and he has the money to do so. And his neighboor's took them to court, because they had too many pets! What are your opinions on this?

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Maybe his neighbors took him to court because his animals made too much noise. One of my neighbors complained about Pooh Bear's barking (and sent the cops over once), and since then I've worked very hard on Pooh Bear's training so that if he starts barking I can get him to stop right away now.

My city only allows three dogs (which is what I have). My feeling is that if you can handle (financially and timewise) how ever many animals you have and keep your neighbors happy, you've got it made.

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I also agree that if you are finicially able to care for many dogs and have the time and energy to as well, then you should be able to own as many as you like. I think a limit of 3, like in JM's city is a bit ridiculous honestly. I could see a limit or 6 or 7, maybe 5, but 3? :-?

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This is interesting. This is what I found when I checked the city ordinances:

[quote]64.100. Maximum number animals of the [b]dog or cat kind[/b].
(a) No owner or caretaker of any residential building shall knowingly allow more than three (3) animals of the dog or cat kind over the age of four (4) months to be kept, harbored or maintained within any residential building or on any residential lot or parcel of property in the city without a permit.
(b) The number of dogs or cats permitted in subsection (a) may be increased by obtaining a permit issued by the commissioner of health. Such permit shall specify any restrictions, limitations, conditions or prohibitions which the commissioner of health deems reasonably necessary to protect any person or neighboring use from unsanitary conditions, unreasonable noise or odors, or annoyance, or to protect the public health or safety. Such a permit may be modified from time to time or revoked by the commissioner for failure to conform to such restrictions, limitations, conditions or prohibitions. Such modification or revocation shall be effective from and after ten (10) days following the mailing of written notice thereof by certified mail to the person or persons keeping or maintaining such dogs or cats.[/quote]

This next one pleasantly surprised me:
[quote]64.140. Dogs and cats purchased or adopted from animal control shelter: spaying or neutering required.
(a) When a dog or cat not previously sterilized is sold or released for adoption by the city animal control shelter, the buyer or adopting party must:
(1) Sign a written agreement to have the dog or cat sterilized. If the dog or cat is less than six (6) months old, the buyer or adopting party shall agree to have the animal sterilized by the age of six (6) months. If the dog or cat is more than six (6) months old, the buyer or adopting party shall agree to have the animal sterilized within thirty (30) days of purchase or adoption; and
(2) Deposit with the animal control shelter a fee to help cover the cost of sterilization and administration. The fee shall be set by the commissioner of health.
(b) Upon receipt by the animal control shelter of a signed statement from a veterinarian attesting that the animal has been sterilized, the shelter shall remit the deposited fee, less the administrative fee, to the veterinarian.
(c) The commissioner of health is authorized to establish a cooperative program to perform sterilizations pursuant to this section before the buyer or adopting party takes custody of an animal. The program may involve sterilizations at the animal control shelter using volunteer veterinarians, or transportation of animals to and from a veterinary hospital for sterilization at that location.
(d) No person, having agreed in writing to have an animal sterilized pursuant to this section, shall intentionally fail or refuse to have such sterilization performed within the time specified in the agreement. Violation of this subsection is a petty misdemeanor punishable by a fine not to exceed two hundred dollars ($200.00). Further, the commissioner of health or the commissioner's representatives are authorized to seize any animal which the owner has failed to sterilize in accordance with this section and to resell the animal or destroy the animal accordingly. In such a case, the fee deposited with the animal control shelter shall be forfeited.
(e) Upon written application by the buyer or adopting party, the commissioner of health may waive the provisions of this section requiring sterilization, upon a showing that the animal is a verifiable purebred breeding animal.
(f) Nothing in this section shall be construed to authorize the commissioner of health to sterilize a dog or cat which has been reclaimed by its owner, or for which the period to reclaim as owner has not expired. (92-Or-138,

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