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Aquatic Agility--Candy proves again she is smarter than me!


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Soooo not a brag! 8) Foolishly set off for agility trials knowing that it was supposed to rain all day. And rain it did. Steady rain. All day. Pools of water everywhere, including a large one directly in front of the Aframe. I was trying for a bit slower than normal in the interest of safety.
We were only in the standard ring for oh, about 20 seconds.
Had a very nice course set up, two jumps to the Aframe, left to a jump, right to a jump, weave poles, seesaw, left to a jump, then a straight tunnel. We call straight tunnels 'puppy cannons' around here. Candy came shooting out of the tunnel, cleared a jump, leaped onto the table in a very fast touch and go and kept on going. She bolted out of the ring and ran around the fence line back to the tent we had been under. Thank you judge, I do believe we are done! :D
Got a little further in jumpers before she said 'see ya!' She was jumping GREAT and running fast, especially so when she again headed for a tent that was keeping the scribe and timer dry! Thanks again judge, we're done!
I praised her for having more sense than I and gave her cookies.
Sooo hoping for drier weather tomorrow!

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