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A very successful and FUN agility weekend


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Candy and I were at AKC agility trials this past weekend. My expectations were totally surpassed!
We double Q'd both days. Saturday, we got first place in both our standard and our jumpers runs. We lost a few points, mainly due to being over time, but still qualified and had the best scores for our category. In the afternoon jumpers run, out of 8 teams, we were the only team to qualify at all.
Sunday, in our standard run, I moved in too quickly at one point and 'pushed' her right off the seesaw. The plan was to send her up onto it THEN duck around behind her. I jumped the gun and she veered off earning us a refusal. We still placed second.
Our final run of the weekend was the BEST. It was a jumpers run. After watching the dog before me and knowing there were fast dogs behind us, I thought we might have gotten 3rd or 4th. Nope, we got first again! We had a clean run and were actually under course time. Not by much, but enough!
Candy now has two legs in both Open Standard and Open Jumpers. We have more trials this weekend, guess I will have to decide soon if we are going to dip our toes into the Excellent level pool.

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