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Pedigree names?

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Guest roo
:lol: yes will try
Ok the kenel name AKA AFFIX or PREFIX is the kennel name of the breeder.
mine is roozrick
so when i breed a litter the puppies would be registered
roozrick ..................................???
what ever i decided to call them :lol:
ickle owns two i have bred
CH roozrick denzil donut at rosdyke (rosdyke being her kennel name that she has added onto denzils)
i hope this helps a bit
if you name pups in the uk you can only have so many letter is the name including the affix'/prefix
but if you have a affix of your own you can add your affix on :lol:
confused yet

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Must admit we don't have any themes for our pedigree names (although each of our litters has a theme). Whenever I think of what might be a good pedigree name I make a note of it on my computer lol.
A pedigree name isn't all that different from our own middle and last names.
Pedigree names are names that are either prefixed or suffixed to a dogs given name. Most times these added (pedigree) names are related to a sire or dam in the earlier lineage (think great grandparents etc). There are no hard and fast rules for choosing an official pedigree name, although a lot of people prefer to choose official sounding hierachy names. In the end it doesn't really matter what pedigree name is chosen as it is seldom used apart from in competition arenas or on the pedigree papers as a way of recording the dogs lineage

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