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  1. samaria

    Tv Dog shows

    I've also seen K9 Karma once or twice.I also like Dogs.
  2. samaria

    Tucker's training

    I am a Pet lover.& In all I love dogs so much.It's just that just about every interaction with your puppy is a learning opportunity. Sometimes I learn, sometimes he learns, sometimes we both learn.:smile:
  3. samaria

    I saved a 3 week old puppy

    That's very good !!! That's great job man ...!! I like it ... & Hope everyone will be like you.
  4. samaria

    Pedigree names?

    Must admit we don't have any themes for our pedigree names (although each of our litters has a theme). Whenever I think of what might be a good pedigree name I make a note of it on my computer lol. A pedigree name isn't all that different from our own middle and last names. Pedigree names are names that are either prefixed or suffixed to a dogs given name. Most times these added (pedigree) names are related to a sire or dam in the earlier lineage (think great grandparents etc). There are no hard and fast rules for choosing an official pedigree name, although a lot of people prefer to choose official sounding hierachy names. In the end it doesn't really matter what pedigree name is chosen as it is seldom used apart from in competition arenas or on the pedigree papers as a way of recording the dogs lineage