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    Tv Dog shows

    I've also seen K9 Karma once or twice.I also like Dogs.
  2. I am a Pet lover.& In all I love dogs so much.It's just that just about every interaction with your puppy is a learning opportunity. Sometimes I learn, sometimes he learns, sometimes we both learn.:smile:
  3. samaria


    [quote name='doitell']First, pick a convenient area of the house for your dog to use as the elimination area. Because she
  4. That's very good !!! That's great job man ...!! I like it ... & Hope everyone will be like you.
  5. Wow !!! Your puppy is really very cute !!! But I dont know what kind of puppy you have..... So sorry..........[B]:oops: [/B]
  6. samaria

    Dry feet

    Kodi gets this too and Lannie uses Paw wax on his ,you can get it from pet shop. I am agree with ellieangel. I also think so....
  7. Congrats!!! That's really very nice & great pics. Very excellent pics!
  8. Must admit we don't have any themes for our pedigree names (although each of our litters has a theme). Whenever I think of what might be a good pedigree name I make a note of it on my computer lol. A pedigree name isn't all that different from our own middle and last names. Pedigree names are names that are either prefixed or suffixed to a dogs given name. Most times these added (pedigree) names are related to a sire or dam
  9. [FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]Nails are frequently broken. This is mostly the result of not keeping the nails short. If a dog does not walk on a hard surface regularly, the nails may not wear down enough, and they should be clipped on a regular base. The most commonly affected nails are those on the dew claws (or ‘thumbs’) of a dog, as these nails do not touch the ground when walking. Broken nails are painful and will often lead to licking and gnawing at the affected toe or paw. It can also lead to local infections, which may show as redness and swelling. Your vet can treat broken nails if necessary and
  10. [COLOR=Black][B][B]Your first day with your puppy marks the beginning[/B][/B][/COLOR] of your life together-the beginning of the bonding process that establishes your lifelong relationship with your dog. [COLOR=Black][B]To get you started off right,[/B][/COLOR] let's look at this experience from the puppy's perspective. She has left familiar surroundings with a warm, comforting pile of siblings to enter a completely new environment filled with unfamiliar objects and new people. And more often than not she's just had her first car ride.
  11. :( If you are traveling with your puppy, make sure that your puppy rides with you in the cabin section of the plane and not the cargo area. Puppies do not travel well in the cargo areas but in the cabin you can soothe and keep your puppy comfortable with treats and since puppies remember experiences through association, you will make travel a positive experience instead of a stressful and fearful one. You do not want your puppy traumatized because that can be a problem that can last throughout it's whole life, so again I cannot stress how important it is to keep your puppy safe with you in ca
  12. :( Like you said, new puppy doesn't know when to back off, simply because he is a baby and still needs to be taught. It's a lesson best taught by your 4 month old puppy. It's okay to let the older dog Shih Tzu at the puppy. Puppies learn important lessons from their elders, just as human children can. The only time you need to step in, is if the older dog really has had enough and it seems like the puppy is going to get hurt. Give the puppy plenty of exercise. A tired puppy is less likely to behave over zealously. I think as the puppy grows, and is more settled things will be fine.;-)
  13. Hey guys, Want to watch out the photos of my puppy? And tell me how is it?:smile:
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