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Feeding & Tapeworm


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I'm not quite sure what to do here. I just noticed awhile ago that Buck probably had worms. So I took in a sample and the vet confirmed he was infected with a tape worm. :-? So I gave him the medicine and so far I don't see any signs of it. So that's all good.

But now I'm wondering if I need to adjust the amount of food I give him. I have been giving him 2 cups of Wellness ( switching between Super 5 Mix and Fish and Sweet Potato) a day. I've noticed the last couple feedings he has left some in the bowl and come back and eaten it later. Should I remove the food he didn't eat? I don't want him to eat to much knowing any extra will be removed though.

I'm basically just wondering if he needs less food, now that I'm not feeding a tapeworm.

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I checked and he doesn't have fleas. The vet said he probably got it from eating another animal with tapeworms. Buck finds and eats small rodents quite often. :roll: I've pretty much given up trying to stop him. He's too good at it and he eats them so quickly that I can't get them away before they're gone. :-?

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