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I have a question

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[color=darkred]A friend of mine shows and breeds
Bullmastiffs and will be mating her dog next year
to a very handsome male whose Crufts qualified
and won at many shows.

If a breeder offers you a pup on breeders terms
what else is involved other than use the stud of
the breeders choice ?
Do you have to show your dog etc ?

Any info will be appreciated[/color] :D

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Well, if they plan on using the dog given to you as a stud, I should hope that the dog in question would be shown. I know breeders have different contracts depending on whether the pup is show quality, or pet-quality. Ex: contract will stipulate that the pet puppy must be spay/neutered. There also can be issues of co-ownership and a million other things.
Ask the breeder these questions. I mean, I dont think a breeder would just give you a pup and expect you to start showing the dog without talking about it at length before hand. Good luck!

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[color=darkred]Thanks Jeff

Obviously i will be getting more info from friends, Linda and Derek when the time comes but i just wanted some from here as well, and although its to soon, they didn't mention about showing the bitch we will be having from them but i'm sure they will mention it.

Thanks again![/color]

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Kiwi is right - best to ask, it sounds like you are having a bitch- they could insist you breed every 12 months to their stud dog they could demand 2 or more puppies out of every litter, you will pay all vet costs
the advantage is you get a puppy at a cheap price - disadvanage you pay for ever
if possible don't get involved buy a puppy out right

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[color=darkred]Thanks for your reply Kiwi.

Well i had a chat to Linda today not concerning showing but thought i would mention it and she said it's up to us if we show our pup or not....but my hubby and myself were willing to show anyway, and she did mention
that they would do the handling for us as well, if we wanted that.

Mouse these are very good friends of mine and i know they wouldn't make us do something we didn't want and would be with us all the way giving us advice etc.

They are in a Bullmastiff club who have a long list of people waiting for pups, and Linda and Derek will only allow there pups go to suitable loving homes.....so we have no problems there.
I will be seeing them friday so i will find out more then.

Thanks again[/color] :)

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