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Great agility weekend!


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This was last weekend, March 26th and 27th.
Candy and I had a WONDERFUL weekend of agility. We were at a place I don't much care for and the weather was cold and damp but thankfully it was all worth in the end.
The trials were held indoors at a horse center. Lots of attention stealing scents all around!
Saturday morning we Q'd in AKC Novice Jumpers with a clean run and a 3rd place ribbon. A friend of mine was pretty impressed with Candys weaves, she did them perfectly and in good time with her nose firmly to the ground the entire time!
We NQ'd in our standard run that afternoon, she was going wide for a jump, I called and called, she curved in but clipped the bars and knocked them. What the heck, we finished in style.
Sunday morning, we Q'd in jumpers again with one refusal. She got right up to a jump and suddenly veered off to sniff! Ah well, still had a good run, did her weaves better than the previous day, and got a 4th place ribbon.
Sunday afternoon, it had been a loooong day and a loooooooooong weekend. I was tired, I think she was tired of waiting and waiting and not being allowed to run amuck. I was getting stiff and sore, just wanted to try and get around the course without losing her to go visit the ring crew.
Well, she pulled an awesome run out, she ROCKED. I probably micromanaged her a bit more than needed but she never lost focus and we had a fast and furious finish. Our time was 'only' 4th best but I am so thrilled still with that final run of the weekend. We truly ran together as a team.
She now has two legs towards both her Novice Standard and her Novice Jumpers titles.
There are two photos of her taken by the trial photog, start here
and click NEXT for her other one. Lots of other great photos of other dogs too.

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