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Advantage ?


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I know that you can break down large tubes of Advantage into smaller doses for smaller dogs. Does anybody know if I can break down large dog Advantage into c@t doses? I know you can't use Advan[u]tix[/u] on c@ts, but are the dog and c@t Advantages the same, only labeled differently?

I could swear a rep once told me that you could do that (break down a large dog tube of Advantage for c@ts), but I'm not positive since I've also heard that you never use dog flea meds on c@ts.

Can anybody shed some light for me please? If you CAN do it, what's the dosage? I generally break them down into one ml per 15 lbs of dog when I do it for dogs. Would it be the same for c@ts (assuming you can do it at all)?

I notice you still can't post the c*a*t word without errors.

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i do :)

it's one and the same product for dogs and kitties, just packaged differently.

i buy the largest tubes of advantage (for dogs over 50 lbs i think?) and divide them up between my dog and 5 kitties.

the minimum effective dose noted by bayer is 0.1 ml per kilogram (2.2 lbs) body weight, which has been enough at my household.

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